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[Resolved] I deleted the hotlinked image, but it’s still appearing

  • I found another site that had hotlinked one of my images. I deleted the image from my blog, and checked the other site, but it is still appearing on their site and it’s been about 30 minutes since I deleted it. Shouldn’t it automatically and immediately disappear because I’ve deleted it?

    I’ve cleared my cache and refreshed, so I don’t think it’s that. Does it just take time? *confused*

    Any help is appreciated!

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  • Got a link to the image on the other site?

    Hi Class,

    Yes I do, unfortunately it’s on a forum and you have to sign up in order to view it. I signed up (because I wanted to see which image he’d hotlinked and apparently it’s not just mine because there are others!).

    Url is: http://www.turkdivers.com/divers/showthread.php?tid=2205

    It’s in Turkish (i assume) but it’s pretty easy to figure out if you have the time… username is “mould” and password is: “oiuOZS7e”

    Mine is the first image of a crocodile, pulled from www byootaful com. It’s a lot of messing around, so I understand if you want to leave it alone! Thanks for the reply though! 🙂

    The image used is:
    (can you view it? Because I’m supposed to have deleted it!)

    Ahh, I got it! I had to remove the image from the uploads directory itself rather than just deleting it from wordpress. I’m not very computer literate! Thanks for your help, it is appreciated.

    I logged in and had a look.

    It seems like they’re not hotlinking it now, the URL to the croc image is http://www.espo.net/crocsm.jpg.

    Yours is gone though.

    Since you’re already registered, maybe you can post there and ask the person to remove the image?

    Class – Yeah I managed to remove it. I’ve sent the person a message through private message on the forum but I’m not sure how that will go (not sure if he understands English). I also found out where the other images were being hotlinked from and sent the owners a quick email just as a heads up with the url so they can change it and hopefully save themselves a little bandwidth too. 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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