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  • Why does this have to be so NOT intuitive! I want to edit an old post and add an image in the middle of the post – can’t do it with Gutenberg. I had to go to the Library and grab the image url and then add the image with code. It’s going to take me HOURS to do anything in this. Not to mention that it is jumpy. Like as I move my mouse around on the screen, it is all jumpy and twitchy. Now my eye is twitchy.

    My entire workflow is going to have to change. I write, then I add all the images. Now I have to write one paragraph at a time and add the image between each paragraph? This sounds like it is MORE clunky that before.

    I’m sure some things are better but I have not found those traits yet.

    Here’s what sucks:
    – screen twitches when you move the mouse
    – no way to add a photo in the middle of a paragraph (stop making basic stuff hard!)
    – if you mouse the cursor too far to the left by accident and click, it takes you to the top of the post. Then you gotta scrollllllll all the way back
    – it’s hella narrow … I have a wide screen so I can write a lot and see it all at once. Gutenberg only takes up 1/4 of my screen width so I feel like I can see nothing.
    – It adds in span and other crap code when I am in the visual editor then I have to go back into the code editor and remove that stuff so I can put H2 etc. Why?!
    – you can’t highlight in visual and then see that highlighted in the code editor – so now I have to cherrypick through 2000 word articles to find links that need to be marked no follow?! ARGHHH!!

    Why would you do this?

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  • Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    Thanks firstly for testing @jenniferppriest. I am sorry you had a bad experience with this. I would love to get to the bottom of what the twitching on your screen is. What for example browser are you using and what is your setup? It could be we have a bug here and I would love to dig a little more.

    Hi, I’m using Chrome.

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