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  • Hi everyone

    I trusted a guy a few years back to create a website for me and got burned. As I’m always willing to see the good in everyone he left me with an unfinised site. With the help of a designer (who is no longer around) I was able to finish my site. However, in the last few days I have not been getting emails from my clients. After contacting my host company they told me

    “Per our phone conversation here is the plugin that you should install on WordPress which will make it use SMTP mail rather than the default php_mail functionality of WordPress:

    I’ve never installed anything into wordpress and any help by someone kind enough to do it for me or walk me through it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your kindness in advance

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  • It is not hard to install a plugin you need log in admin panel click on add new on plugin submenu and in search box enter
    wp-mail-smtp and click on install.

    Once installed click on activate and then in Settings you will see Emails click on it and configure the plugin.

    Thank you very much for your reply

    Ok… I decided to brave this and give it a shot. I did the install and then opened settings as you described. When in settings I wasn’t sure how to configure the plug in. These were the options listed

    The first thing it said was:
    From Email: (a blank box was here to fill in, and after the blank box it said) You can specify the email address that emails should be sent from. If you leave this blank, the default email will be used.
    What exactly should I put here, or should I leave it blank?

    The next thing said – Name: (it repeated what it said next to From email above)

    Then these options followed:
    SMTP options:
    SMTP Host (in the box “local host” was already in there)
    SMTP Port ( in the box was “25”)
    No encryption was checked

    I saved these settings and tryed to send myself and email. However, nothing came through. I hope you can tell me what I’m doing wrong.

    ok… after a loooooong and very stresful night, I googled wp-mail cox settings enough to figure out how to setup the setting for the plugin(I think). When I send a test email from the WP plugin in WP it does come through to my email box…VICTORY!! Well, that’s when I realized that’s not the war.
    Sadly, when I still click on the contact form and fill it out from my website it is still not comiing through to my email. This is a link to my webpage as you will notice when you put your mouse over the “send message” button the URL on the bottom of the page reads “http//
    So I’m guessing that their is something else that is coded in the site still making it want to go as php. Unfortunatly now I’ve gone from getting my emails very late to not getting them at all, because I don’t konw how to put everything back the way it was before I installed the plugin. However, I’m still stead fast and determined to work this out with the help of others.

    It would appear that your former web developer wrote their own contact form script rather than using one actually made for wordpress. So rather than using WordPress’ mail function, that function is being bi-passed and the SMTP plugin is never actually being used.

    I would recommend installing a WordPress contact form plugin. I personally use Fast Secure Contact Form or Contact Form 7 on most of my sites. Contact Form 7 is a little easier to set up and configure, so you should probably give that one a try first.

    I’ve also heard good things about Grunion Contact Form, but have never actually used it.

    Thank you Kionae for your feedback
    I will attempt to download the fast secure contact form (after I talk to you a little more about it). How does it connect to the page that is currently setup on my site? Or do you have to setup a whole new contact page for the site? If so how do you do away with the old page? I’ve never done this so please excuse my ignorance.
    Everyone’s help and feedback could not be more appreciated. It’s refreshing to see people helping people just because they want to do it out of a good spirit. I hope one day I can return the favor to someone dealing with the same proplems I am.

    Adding the form to a page is simply a matter of copying and pasting the plugin’s shortcode into the editor on the page you want it to appear. Log into your site, navigate to the contact page, and click the Edit link. You don’t need to worry about deleting and setting up a whole new page.

    For the Fast Secure Contact Form plugin, I believe the shortcode is [si-contact-form form='1'] (this will be displayed on the plugin’s options panel for you as well, just in case I have that wrong)… you can also check the readme.txt file that comes with the plugin for full instructions.

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