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  • I’m not sure what happened (something to do with cookies) but I can no longer view my private entries. Even when I click on them in the “edit” menu, I get a “file not found” listing on my blog. They are still accesible and edit-able though.
    I’m thinking that I am not recognized as the admin when viewing my own blog?

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  • You mean you cannot see them when you are in the admin panel or when viewing your blog as a “surfer”? If the latter, I guess that’s the normal behaviour: they are hidden, since you made them private.

    The entries are now viewable in edit-mode (admin panel).
    They are not viewable when I view my blog through the normal interface.
    I thought you could view your private entries in your blog if you’ve already signed-in (as with livejournal and movable type)? Does wordpress not support this feature at all?

    Wiki says that I should be able to do this:

    The post status field allows you to save your article in:
    Draft: This status allows you to save your article, however it will not show up and allows you to save it for further writing/editing.
    Publish: In this status, your article will appear on your website and is live to the public.
    <b>Private: Your post is published, however it will not appear on your website unless the author is logged into the website. </b>

    Anyone have any idea, at all, why I can’t?

    i have the same problem. I’m using WP 1.2…

    Is there anyone way I can make it so all authors can view private posts (even through the site, while logged in) but that regular users cannot? Any ideas how we can do this some other way?

    I’ve never been able to view private posts, except through the edit screen – if I edit it. Other than where they apear in the edit posts list, they seem to operate exactly like drafts…. so what’s the point? Or it is broken?

    Got the same problem. However – I’ve just noticed – the “Login” link in the public pages is _always_ “login” even if I’m logged in.

    Now – it’s been like this since install and if I click it after first login I’m straight in – but – shouldn’t that change when a user is active? Everything else seems to work.

    I don’t know if it should since I’m new to wp – but it looks like the login cookie is working for all pages except the index page. I’ve installed WP into the site-root if that makes any difference (didn’t have much else to stick there :-))

    Hi all,

    I see this thread is getting stale and noone has come up with a solution.
    I’ll second the opinion of those who have expressed that if private posts behave this way, there is no difference between them and drafts!

    Surely someone knows what’s going on? I’ve only just started using WP and was loving it up until now, but my enthusiasm is taking a real dive. A big portion of my blogging activity is private, and if I can’t view the private contents without going to edit first, it makes all of this more of a hassle than it is worth!

    Thanks for any insight!

    <blockquote>Is there anyone way I can make it so all authors can view private posts (even through the site, while logged in) but that regular users cannot? Any ideas how we can do this some other way?</blockquote>

    The Post-Level Plugin is good for that purpose.

    (Other than the plugin) The only way to privately view entries is to make them “protected” and set a password. If you set the same password, then once you enter the password in once for one entry, the cookie is set for all of them.

    It seems that the “private” function really does nothing when viewing outside of the admin panel.

    Private posts function perfectly on my site. Maybe it’s just some browser or proxy cache issue that you all seem to have. Try reloading the index page.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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