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    Hello Jordy,

    Your plugin looks awesome but I can’t use it.
    Each time I do the analysis it tells me “4 issue(s) found. Refresh.”

    So because this message always appears, I contact you. May you can help me on this 🙂

    PS : I have more than 4700 unused images to delete



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  • Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Hi Florian,

    How do you define “4700 unused images”? What are they exactly? 🙂 Did you have a look at the tutorial and the debugging page?

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    Hi Jordy,

    All these images were tests. All the pages for these tests are deleted but the medias stay in my Library.

    There will be much more images on my website later, that’s why I have to keep an eye on this!

    This is image for Products! And I’ll display something like 4000 products within a lot of images.

    Yes I’ve read your tuto. I’ve seen some advice on the forum about wp-config file but I didn’t try.. because it was not from you.

    Debug Error message:
    The PHP Error Logs cannot be found. Please ask your hosting service for it.

    Php Debug:
    It displays too much informations for me.
    I’m using PHP Version 7.2.1

    Glad to hear from you

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    You basically say that the plugin doesn’t detect certain images. So it means the plugin detects them being used somewhere. Enable the Logs in the plugin, restart a scan, look at this log. You will see where they are used. This is the free version of the plugin so you will have to look around by yourself a bit to understand it.

    About the PHP Error Logs, if there are too much information, look at the latest one. If you can’t afford a developer and want to do everything by yourself for the cheapest possible, you need to learn how to look at the log file. If you can’t, you will probably need to ask someone with a technical background to help you. It’s not good to have a log full of information 🙂

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    Sorry I wasn’t clear. I know that there is unused images on my wordpress because my Library is so full but there is no content on my website so it’s evident.

    The plugin tells me there is 4 errors and that’s it. It detects nothing except that there is 4769 images in my Library.

    Error Logs : It dectects nothing. The message is:The PHP Error Logs cannot be found. Please ask your hosting service for it.

    PHP Log/Info: It’s only informations about my Php configuration. I don’t think we talk the same thing.


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    Here the screenshots:

    1) => 4 erros that mislead the analysis
    2) => PHP Logs Empty

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    Woaw… I’ve been very noob on this. I just saw the button Reset. I’ve clicked on it and configured the scan.

    Anyway, now it’s block at 25 posts… so I can’t get the Error Log.



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    Okay, Again me.

    I’m reading the doc.

    Sorry for having bothered you!!

    Stay awesome

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    It’s no pb 🙂

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