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    Your module has too big file size. Please use “Import from folder” method.

    I did try the import from folder… it has been a while since I logged in to the control panel, but I figured it out.


    can someone please walk me thru this as I have the same issue but I am not sure how to do this import to folder business.

    I have to say your videos are not clear, there is no dialog and the responses you give here and other places are sarcastic and insulting to the your customers.

    It would be most helpful if your web site explained in very plain english just how to upload large files, and or, now here;s a brilliant idea, figure out a way to incorporate this in your external program which your so proud of and just really is essentially useless with over 25 slider files because one just keeps getting error messages over and over again she you try and upload it. You state clearly that your program will do an unlimited amount of slides, so far this has not been the case. You can not get the filse to upload.

    Buyers should be aware of this as it is not at all clear or easy to do. I have yet to successfully get a large number of slides up on my site. Many hours of trying, and hours of watching long and terrible videos that explain nothing!

    When people spend a great deal of money on programs that are supposed to be easy to use it and they are not, people are going to ask questions and to have a developer come back with some of the responses I have seen posted here is quite frankly, rude.

    All people want is some help with the problem they are having, some clear direction and some help in solving their issue, not a smart assed response.

    So try and be a little patient and understanding with your customers and try and understand that what is seemingly clear to you may not be to your customers.

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    Actually, information about “Import from Folder” method is added in plugin itself. When you go to “WOWSlider -> Add new”, you can see 2 links: “Upload” and “Import from Folder”. When you click “Import from Folder” link, you can see the instruction:
    “Add a slider in .zip format from folder

    Create a slider with WOW Slider app and copy to folder: “./wp-content/uploads/wow-slider-plugin/import/”.”

    It’s not a complex instruction. Upload file to folder is a very simple action.

    yes, as I have said, I have been trying to do this for hours. I see two links and have tried 2 links, sometime it works with zip, most times it does not because I would like to upload more than 50 slides. So you say use upload from folder which has no clear instructions, like what folder, where does it resside, how to you creat one within wordpress if that is what your trying to convey in the instructions that are supposed to be clear. the upload folder continues to cycle thru the same error message as I get from uploading a zip file.

    dont see why it is so darn difacult for you all to give folks a step by step instructions, and not on one of your slow boring and unclear videos but in a step by step written out with pictures walk thru. It would also help if you had a search function for your faq’s to help people who are looking for answers and have to sift thru questions in order to get somew guidance.

    COme on how hard could this kind of thing be….just explain it to us like we were 4 year olds.

    Ok guys, it is possible to upload a wowslider with many many slides, I have done it here:

    I use bluehost for website hosting. I think the reason they don’t guide you step by step is because there are so many website hosting websites, so it would differ among people. When you login to your website hosting, look for a link to your file manager. Open public html–> wp-content–> uploads–>wow-slider-plugin–>import–>

    Then on the import folder, you can upload your wowslider zip file. Then on wordpress, where it says upload from folder, click on the link to upload it, and it should work. I know this works for large files since mine has over 90 slides.

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    If you build websites, you should have basic computer skills. Find a specific folder on your server, copy file to folder, etc. are very simple actions. Main task of customer support is to resolve problems with our software (WOWSlider). Your questions are related to WordPress or computer usage.

    This is exactly the kind of response I was talking about. Why don’t you consider not talking down to your customers, and making presumtions about people. I do not build web sites, I hire people who build web sites and make recomenmdations based on what they tell me.

    When an expert web site person tells me they can not either ftp or upload a folder after treeing for hours, you should probably consider that your instructions are not very clear.
    This is not a word press issue this is a WOWE issue. If one can not get their slides up to the site and your billing this platform as an unlimited way to

    I purchased this software in good faith and am now having second opinions based on your sarcastic and rude responses.

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    Free version is available on our website and everyone can download and try it before purchasing. It works in the same way as purchased version. Free and purchased versions have only one difference: watermark option.
    WOWSlider files can be uploaded the same way as any other files. If you have problems with file uploading please contact with your hosting company.
    If any error message appears, when you try to add WOWSlider module, please write us the text of this message (or make a screenshot) and send the module, so we can check it.
    If you just couldn’t find the required folder on your server or couldn’t upload a file, it’s not a problem of WOWSlider. We have sent this instruction many times, and no one else reported about problem with uploading.

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