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  • I had my blog installed on a different server and was able to configure everything (colours etc.) to my liking but when I transferred it to a different server it says that I can’t edit anything.

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  • Melissa67,

    When you go to try and change colors and what-not, do you see this at the bottom of the edit area, “If this file were writable you could edit it.” – I’m assuming you’re in the admin section of wordpress “manage > files”

    If that’s the case, your permissions are set so that you can’t write to the file. You set the permissions one of two ways. You can set your permissions using your ftp client or usually thru your hosts file manager.

    Here’s an article in the codex that may be of help to you:

    They are writeable! This is my problem. I don’t know why it keeps coming up like this.

    Contact your host and explain your issue to them. See if they can’t resolve it. I wish I could give you a better answer.

    My server provider cannot seem to understand this either!

    perhaps another host might be able to provide answers. 🙂

    melissa: Don’t use the theme editor. Use ftp and edit locally.

    actually, for Mac people, I’ll point them to a text editor that can work directly with remote files through an ssh connection. I use it a lot. it’s smart enough to appropriately colour up the text so you can more easily see typos and such, as it ‘knows’ html, php and css etc. I imagine there could be a similiar tool for windows folks.

    manstraw: Cool, I have a couple Mac users leaning towards WP. Be nice not to have to strangle theme for using the theme editor ;’)

    lol….. Yosemite – you’ll find “mac people” learn fairly quick and do as they’re told

    Yeah, but these are artists ;’) I adore them, and it’s amazing to watch them do their work, but showing them something different/new often elicits the same look an 8 year-old gives when you start talking about particle physics.


    I use textwrangler to do ‘live edits’ to a site. I don’t generally recommend someone do that without a certain amount of skill/experience and large enough cajones :). Of course, if you’ve got someone like Yosemite to fix your borkups, well, live dangerously!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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