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  • Last night I was trying out different themes on my blog and I clicked on one of the themes then my browser started to refresh and when it was done all I had left was a blank screen. I tried this morning to log into my WordPress blog and it says this in the address bar:

    But I still have only the blank white screen. Please someone help me. I am a newbie to WordPress and I love it but I am clueless on how to go about fixing this.

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  • Delete the theme.

    Same issue here.

    I did that and also I deleted the wp-settings.php and put a fresh copy back on my server, didn’t work. Then I tried to install the entire upgrade again with the same result…. blank white screen.

    A blank white screen is almost certainly a php error with display_errors turned off. Check your servers error_log or the PHP manual for information how you can turn on display_errors.

    I would agree with Timo. However, it seems *very* odd to me that you would install a theme, and have it go blank on you, and it won’t revert back after you’ve deleted the theme. You should *never* have to delete wp-settings.php (or any other wp- file) after installing a theme.

    Interesting – I did a couple of little tests, and I got an interesting 404 error message. You’re on a IIS server? (It says you are.) What fun. Who is your host?

    Hostdepartment but not for long I can not stand them! I tried to contact the customer support and never got an answer back at all. They just suck.

    Yeah, WordPress on a IIS server is tricky – especially if you’re trying to run stuff like PHP on there. One misconfiguration and the whole thing’ll blow up in your face. Hell, they could simply update something and throw everything out of whack.

    Still, try and delete that theme with FTP – maybe you’ll get lucky for the time being.

    For the record, I do installations over at the install4free – I’ve seen *lots* of hosts. A couple of *really* good hosts (that aren’t too expensive) are and

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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