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    Hi, my site is and i am trying to modify my default wordpress for customizable it, but i cant.

    i have read a lo of tutorials but i cant find the solution.

    i created a child theme and its active and its working good, but when i want to make changes in the style.css nothing happens.

    First, i triend modifying the original theme, because i need wider the right sidebar for a banner that i wanna put with a widget and nothing happens. After, y tried to change the same file and the same orginal template and no change ocurred.

    After, i tried with the child theme, and i begun adding code to the new style.css but nothing happens again.

    I am a beginner and i really need your help for find a soon solution for this.

    i changed this numbers, but nothing happens

    .site-content {
    float: left;
    width: 71.1% !important;

    .widget-area {
    width: 27.04% !important;

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  • start by turning that ‘minify’ off while you are trying to customize your site.

    what is the full code of style.css in teh child theme?

    your site also has validation errors possibly caused by some edits in header.php (?)

    Wow, thank you very much, you were very helpful. had every reason.
    i had installed a wordpress cache plugin and i only desactive the minify option and i now can edit the theme.

    I changed the header.php to move the banner below the menu with a tutorial that i found on internet, only cuting the banner code of the header.php and and passing it down of the banner.

    Look, this is my style.css code of my child theme of twenty twelve

    Theme Name: Twenty Twelve Child
    Theme URI:
    Description: Child theme for the Twenty Twelve theme
    Author: Erik Ivan Murillo
    Author URI:
    Template: twentytwelve
    Version: 1.1

    @import url(“../twentytwelve/style.css”);

    h1.entry-title a{color:#FFFFFF; background-color:#0E3547;}

    I have other question… if i want to begin to make changes, do i need to copy the original style.css code to the style.css child theme and make the changes there?
    or do i need to put separately only the codes of the style that i wanna change like this line:

    h1.entry-title a{color:#FFFFFF; background-color:#0E3547;}

    and… What’s is the right way to change the width of the sidebar?

    Thank you so much alchymyth for your answers… i hope you could help me with the other questions too.

    do i need to copy the original style.css code to the style.css child theme and make the changes there?

    no – the @import line does that kind of automatic.

    put separately only the codes of the style that i wanna change like this line:

    yes – that is the right way of doing it.

    the sidebar and content width is set with (referring to lines 1437 and 1446 of style.css of Twenty Twelve, which are in a @media query):

    @media screen and (min-width: 600px) {
    	.site-content {
    		float: left;
    		width: 65.104166667%;
    	.widget-area {
    		float: right;
    		width: 26.041666667%;

    adjusting the values there should change the sidebar width;

    as the theme is responsive, i.e. adjusts to the width of the browser window, making adjustments for a fixed width element like an adsense ad might be difficult.

    @alchymyth wow, thanks so much por your answer, you have resolved all my questions.

    look, could you help me with this too?

    I have tried to change the color of the title entry in the style.css file of the child theme, but i can’t.

    this is the code that i am trying to change, and i added the “color:black” and “color:#000000” and “font-color: #000000” lines and the entry title does not change of color.

    entry-header .entry-title {
    		font-size: 22px;
    		font-size: 2.11428571rem;
    		<strong>color: black;</strong>

    What is the problem?

    for pure formatting questions, please consider asking at a css forum like

    to start with, entry-header is a css class and needs to be referenced with .entry-header in the stlyesheet; secondly, what you are looking at might be linked post titles, for which you will need to style .entry-header .entry-title a { ... }

    thank you so much… you were very gine

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