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  • Hi All,
    I have a wordpress blog at . I can login as admin, but I cant log in as “carthik” though I have an account by that name.
    1) I tried doing a Ctrl+Shift+Refresh any wrong info in the cache
    2) I even tried the “forgot your password” link, and I got the old password emailed to me, the funny part is that even then, I cant login, so its not like I forgot my password.
    Now, there seems to be no way I can login as “carthik” , or Reset the password for carthik, while logged in as admin.
    I think some way in which the admin can reset passwords for users is essential, as in my case here.
    I would appreciate any help/feedback as to how “carthik” can login again.

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  • Have you tried quitting your browser then opening it again? Sounds crazy, but that worked for me once…force-refresh wasn’t doing it, but quitting seemed to work.
    Maybe worth a try.

    I have tried that, and I have tried turning off the computer and trying after 2 hours, as I have tried using three different browsers, and as many different computers, one with an Athlon processor 😉 (no Kidding, serious, I did all that, sometimes I can be superstitious, and start beleiving in “the force”)

    Mysteriously it works now. I can log in. I took a bath, that must explain it, I guess.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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