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  • I tried to login using WP login, and it said my password was incorrect. Okay, I rest it, 3 times, and still can’t login. Any idea what I can do in this situation?

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  • RESET, oops

    Is it emailing you the new password? Is it giving you an error message when you try to log in, or just redirecting you to the login page?

    Yes, I reset it and was e-mailed a new password. I put it in, nothing. I tried this four times and everytime it says
    “The password you entered for the username admin is incorrect. Lost your password?”

    I’m at a loss.

    There is a way you can change the password directly in the database if you have phpmyadmin and feel comfortable doing it.

    I also found this post about the same problem –

    For them, clearing the browser cache fixed the problem. Hopefully it’s as simple as that for you!

    It doesn’t seem as simple as clearing my cache/history unfortunately. As for the PHP admin, I’m lost.

    Not sure what to do. Nothing seems wrong with my site, I just can’t login to do anything with it, I’m not sure what happened or changed. I took two months off from work and just today tried to get back in the swing of things only to not be able to even begin due to this simple problem, with a seemingly not simple answer.

    Since my wordpress is a hosted site, would it do any good to contact my host?

    Who are you hosting with?


    By the way, thank you all for trying and answering. In most situations with technical issues I am the village idiot, but I usually find a way to stumble through and figure it out. Thank you fo being helpful and not at all condescending to a tech dork.

    My goal today was to go in, make a full back up of my site and then start changing almost everything, I can’t even login to start

    Oh no problem! My pleasure. So with Bluehost you have a cPanel account, and an easy way to access phpmyadmin. Here are the steps for what you’ll want to do:

    1. Log into cPanel
    2. Click on phpmyadmin
    3. Click on the database name for your WordPress install in the left hand column
    4. Click on the wp_users link in the left hand column
    5. Click on the “browse” tab at the top
    6. Click on the pencil icon next to the user name that you want to change the password for
    7. Go to this website. Enter a password and press the md5 button to generate an encrypted version of the password
    8. Copy that password and paste it into the field for the password in phpmyadmin

    Here is a website with the same instructions, including pictures:

    Here’s another:

    Here’s a video that walks you through it:

    I’ll give that a try thanks! I would happily thank you with an item off my site 🙂

    I REALLY appreciate the help. When I first started all this I had someone tell me I had no business having a website because I wasn’t as tech savvy as they were….so to get advice that is useful is such a help. Thank you.
    I’ll give that a try and report back, btw

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    Have you tried a different browser?

    I OWE YOU BIG TIME, it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you.

    I’m not sure what caused this issue, but I changed my password to be more complicated

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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