• It’s -the best when it works. But more recently, I’m unable to install it on new websites because it brings the login/signup prompt. Yet when I click to log in, it brings up a 419 error

    Turns out my Brave Browser shields was interfering. It works perfectly once I turn them off.

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    Hi @prowhiz, thank you for the update, I did try in a Brave browser and it worked for me, but I do not use the Brave browser regularly, so I am not sure if there’s something else that I should set up to replicate your issue. If this is still bugging you please reach out via stockpack.co/contact so we can see if we can sort things out.

    Thank you,

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    If it works even with your Brave browser shields up, then it is possible that I have an extension interfering in combination with Brave Shields. It is working fine now with no issues. I’ll let you know if I get further clarity.

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    Ok, thank you for the update.

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