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  • Everything was working find and dandy, and well… I just went to log in to create a new post and …. I CANT seem to log in.
    The log in page just keeps reloading when I click on “OK” after I have put in my username and password. I have even tried putting in a wrong password (just to bring up the – “invalid password”) and it does not even do that.
    What is wrong?
    i am going to clear my cookies, and my temp files …. and see if that fixes it, or does anyone know what might be the problem?

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  • Ok, I cleared the cookies and temp files, and I am still getting the same problem ..
    *Gurr* Why is it doing this to me?!?

    Anyone.. Hello??
    I need HELP, I cannot log into my admin panel. I have re-booted, turned off my firewall, deleted cookies, deleted my temp internet files, tried requesting a new password, etc … I cannot log into my admin area. I use to before, with no problems at all.
    What could the problem be?

    Can you get to #wordpress on ?

    I am currently using – the newest version, I recently updated to it from version – 1.01 (or something similar to that, I cannot remember)
    My friend can log-in to the admin panel just fine. I gave her my log in info, to test it out for me, to see if it was a file problem or just me. So far, I belive it is just ME! (gurr!) This is all just so frustrating 🙁
    Thanks for replying.
    I do not know how to log onto #wordpress … I know IRC is a chatting thing..

    submo, I guess you are on a Mac computer, using a Mac browser. I don’t know what the deal is with these browsers, but something always breaks 🙂
    Hope it is working for you now.

    I am not on a Mac computer.
    I am currently using Windows XP, IE for my main browser, and Mozilla sometimes.
    Humm …. Still I am unable to log-in.
    I might do a virus scan, and an ad-ware scan as well, something could be blocking me from log-ing on to my wordpress. I am still having problems with log-ing on.
    *bangs head on desk* WHY, is my computer being so mean to me!*

    This *may* help if you have access to phpmyadmin:
    Scroll down to 2fargon’s answer.

    I do not have access to PHPmyAdmin (though I swear I use to, my Cpanel has a empty icon, maybe that’s where it origionally was located, ooh well)
    What I find werid is that my friend is able to log in under my username and password with out any problems, while when I go to log in I am unable to. The log in page keeps re-loading when I press “OK”
    Anyone else have any brainstorms on how to fix my problem?

    In my case we had to do three things: tweak some buggy code in wp-login.php (see here for details), then reset the password hash in phpMyAdmin, then clear the cookies after that. I was running Safari, though.
    Do you have the problem in both browsers you’ve tried?

    Yes I do have a problem using both browsers …..
    I do not have access to phpMyadmin, so I am unable to reset the password though there.
    I do have an idea that it might have something to do with my computer and its settings, I just need to spend the time to tinker around with everything.

    Have you tried the “lost your password?” e-mail? Try fixing the code in wp-login.php, then have the system send you that e-mail (resetting your password), then try the cookies/cache-clearing. Maybe that will do the trick without resorting to phpMyAdmin.

    Erm, this is a really simple answer and as such is probably wrong. (On the level of ‘is the computer plugged in?’)
    Just once I thought I couldn’t log in to my blog and had a panic attack. Nothing worked… but that was because I had forgotten that even though I had renamed the admin file to my username, rparker, I still had to enter my name as admin on the login form.
    Ok, so this probably isn’t the problem here, but imagine my idiocy in trying every trick in the book to get into a site… with the wrong login name.

    From what I’m hearing, this problem is due to the very slight variations in PHP that exist.
    PHP is not an ‘off the shelf’ commercial product, and webhosts can install any one of a number of PHP ‘flavours’.
    There are people trying to track this down and see where this issue lies. I know this doesn’t help right now, but unfortunately it does mean that there is not be a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

    Humm, thanks for trying everyone.
    I just cannot figure this out for the life of me. It has to do with something with my computers set ups, I swear. People are able to log into the admin panel as me, yet I cannot.
    If anyone has any other ideas, (trust me I have tried everything mentioned) just reply back, or you can email me at (I’m also on MSN)
    My website is – (incase anyone wants to check it out)

    I just noticed that my date was set wrong on my computer (june 4 2008) I have fixed it, though I still cannot log in correctly, though I have solved another log in problem with my site….. (I wanted to log into php/mysql thing I have installed) …
    Will I lose all my entries if I re-install WordPress?

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