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I can’t link a URL in a POST

  • I’m trying to add a simple URL link in a post that I am writing (insert/edit link) but when I add the link URL, the link becomes my blog address plus the link that I submitted. So it looks like this: “http://www.braintreefinancial.com/blog/www.dinersclub.com”

    All I want in the link is the desination URL, http://www.dinersclub.com.

    What am I doing wrong?

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  • Have you tried:


    Without the “http://” portion (known as the protocol), a browser has no idea the address provided is the url to an external location, rather than a document or directory local to the site. The http:etc. is known as an ‘absolute’ path to a web resource (directory, document, image, whatever), and it’s *absolutely* required when linking to something off-site.

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