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    So I’ve been using WP 2.3.1 on my server for a while without a hitch. Now I grab a new domain and ftp’d the files to the root of my site no subfolder. Setup my wp-config and navigated the install.php for a fresh install. I receive a blank page and like others an empty source. I’ve gone over all the other strings and see that there is no fix. Do I continue to stay with 2.3.1 or is there a fix for this issue.

    My Server:
    Microsoft 2003 IIs “Shared”
    I have both PHP 4.4.7 and 5.2.3
    MySQL 5.0.51

    I have no problem setting up sites on this server with:
    WP 2.3.1

    I want to run WP 2.5 not the others. Does anybody have any idea what is holding my server back. I noticed in the server requirements a required is the Apache mod_rewrite module is this going to cause the problem?

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  • Just to update this post. I did try to install 2.3.1 no problems running and then lay an 2.5 upgrade over 2.3.1 no dice it comes up with the same result. Go figure!

    I’m having the same issue. This is my first time using WP, and I’ve had several people work on it. No one can figure out why my install.php is blank.

    I install with wise-ftp, and haven’t had issues like this before with anything else. I’ve followed the directions to the best I can, but to no avail. I’ve had other people, including my tech fiance do it, and nothing. We’re at a loss.

    Yeah I’m feelin you! This is crazy I even spent the time to verify individual directories for missing files to no avail….

    This Problem is due to your server environment and not WordPress 2.5.
    I found a workaround read below…
    Ok so I’m not sure why this is but on my server environment

    My Server:
    Microsoft 2003 IIs “Shared”
    PHP 4.4.7
    MySQL 5.0.51

    Ok. this server will not recognize WordPress 2.5 in the root or a subdirectory after a fresh install. So I tried everything to get it installed I found a workaround that may work for multiple server environments like my own getting a blank install page.
    Follow the steps below:

    1)Using FTP or Shell access-Install WordPress 2.3.1 to a subdirectory like /wordpress make sure its a functional Install it needs to be in a subdirectory for workaround. We need the 2.3.1 database to be populated for our workaround.


      Following the upgrade instructions

    included in the readme.html file with WP 2.5. in the 2.3.1 install subdirectory you created in step 1 above. Erase all files except the wp-config we need this file for the workaround

    3)Now FTP or Shell access-all files included in WP 2.5 to the subdirectory we created in step 1 above. Remember we saved the wp-config.php from our prior install of 2.3.1 do not overwrite this file or you will result in a blank install/upgrade page again. If you need to save it in your local machine then reupload it again.

    4) Now navigate your browser to Not install.php and magically you will see the upgrade.php page. Folow the instructions and WP will repopulate the database with the upgraded tables.

    Now your WP is updated and we got around the Blank install/upgrade at the root level. for any of you that want your WP to be available at domain root you will need to copy all the files in the subdirectory and then copy them to root level of the site WP will then be available at instead of…

    Good luck to all WP users who are running into this problem and remember this was just my workaround and may not work for other server environments.

    lets have your feedback here on this workaround and don’t forget to add your server info to help others.

    And for the finishing touch after you copied all the files to the sites public html root directory and before deleting the subdirectory from the installation go into the wp-admin and click admin settings and make changes to the
    WordPress address (URL) make sure you put your web address here (e.g.
    and also
    Blog address (URL)
    do the same here

    Then you can delete the subdirectory we used for the workaround and your site and site-admin will be available from

    Thats it all done

    Good Luck to all of you,

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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