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  • This has to be the biggest, moist pile of crap the brains at WP has ever dropped on the community. Not drinking this kook-aid because the editor has no clothes. Ejecting immediately and not looking back.

    Seriously, stick to core functions of WordPress and let page interface development be a community pursuit. Hell, no one uses a Gutenberg press anymore for good reasons, they are obsolete.

    Gutenberg is actually less intuitive that TinyMCE. You can’t fix this. I won’t get my 20 hours back I wasted trying to do simple stuff like make a gallery that doesn’t look like someone cut pictures out of a magazine and glued them on to poster board. About that HTML editor? If Chevy Chase was a WordPress user, he’d love the new SNL because this sucks much worse.

    So I can’t imagine I’ll ever see more than one star in this editor and that is only because I can’t offer less.

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