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  • This plugin is completely useless.
    The only one that can add tickets is the ADMIN.

    I created an account just to downvote this plugin because it wasted 30 minutes of my lifetime, making me believe it actually can do anything.

    D.O. N.O.T. D.O.W.N.L.O.A.D.! Trust me.

    If you buy it, then it may be useful, however there is no way to tell because the authors aren’t smart enough to let anyone actually test ANY functionality.

    Whoever upvoted this plugin to 4 stars obviously got paid to do so or was a part of the scam.. err… development team.

    Stay away from this. Download something from people that deserve your support.

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  • Plugin Author firebird75


    Your review is useless and clearly shows that it is just intended to add negative feedback, probably as a runner up of WATS or a freebie troller…

    If you had really tested WATS, you would have seen that anybody can add tickets in the free release. Obviously, since you don’t have even installed, you haven’t seen that. Or even worse, you haven’t been able to go through the setup instructions and understand these…

    Almost all features can be tested with the free releases or the demo site.

    Then, if I had to pay all the people that ranked it 4 stars or more here, it would have costed me much more than what the free release available here brings back in terms of revenues as it is… free. So again, think before speak, it would help you and make your comments more “credible”.

    Yes of course its just intended to add negative feedback, because you wasted my time and that of everyone who downloads it.

    Please download your own “free” plugin and test it yourself. There is no way to have a page that visitors can enter tickets on, because its disabled. The shortcode does not work. None of the shortcodes work btw, because you disabled them. Also all the options are marked as “paid only”.

    Yes it can be tested on the demo site, because that demo site isn’t running this plugin version.

    Of course the free version will not get you revenue, because whoever downloads it will pretty sure never download anything from you again.

    If you release a free plugin, it needs to have at least enough basic features to make it worth the download. That visitors can enter tickets and see them is like very basic, and not even that works.

    You really thought you will make revenue by releasing a crippled, not working plugin that has documentation of what the paid plugin will do…

    Oh man.

    Plugin Author firebird75


    Again, you haven’t tested the plugin correctly and haven’t read the documentation at all…

    Everybody can submit tickets in the free release. This is achieved through the admin side. There is a feature allowing non registered users to submit tickets via the admin side.

    Stop making noise, just RTFM… It is you wasting my time, because you don’t read setup instructions.

    Your comments about the revenues are out of subject here. And luckily, most of the people are able to read setup instructions. Unfortunately for you, it looks like this just basic step is still more than what you can do…

    The free release has the key basic features. Anybody can submit and update tickets which is the purpose of a ticket system.

    It is amazing to see people shouting like that without taking the basic step to read setup instructions. Oh my god!!!

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