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  • I’ve given it a day. I’ve given it a chance. I don’t want it. If there is a promise to keep the 2.3 line going, I’ll keep using wordpress, other than that though, I’m at the end of my rope with this. Until now every upgrade has been pretty nice in my opinion. But this… pulled a Vista on me. I mean, I understand that wordpress is free, and optional to use, and all of that nice stuff, and until now I have been singing the praises of it and installing it for like – everyone.

    But… you kind of killed that. Really. That whole feeling I had of joy every time I wrote a post has gone away. That familiarity that I had with the dashboard and all of the features has been replaced by this… corporate-ish look, something alien, something not WordPress. I doubt anyone would understand what that meant – but what I am trying to say is that by changing everything the way it has been done, it doesn’t feel like ‘home’ anymore. I don’t think I’ll be getting used to it either.

    Sure, some people will say “Tough, get used to the new look, and crap on you for even thinking the old way was better.” Well, honestly the old ways become the convenient ways. They become a tradition in a way. Logging in, knowing where everything is, being greeted by the same old editor that you have known so long and customized that it does your bidding without so much as a squeak.

    I know I am not alone in this opinion – and honestly… I’d like a solution and an answer about what will happen to people like me.

    Are we to become relics of a past that is frowned upon? Are we to be expected to just accept it and move on? I would be able to live with 2.3 updates until they reached 2.3.99999999 etc if it kept what I was used to – and I would also be willing to go to the 2.5 if there was a way to have the old dashboard back on it. Optionally of course.

    Kind of like how New Coke went “Oh” and made Classic. Maybe an option or a preference that would allow for a classic dash with all the previous things we were used to.

    I’m sure to be ignored, I know, but even as one, I voice what I can. I considered making a petition – but halfway through this I realized I would likely be worse off by being drowned out by those who praise the new system, to stifle the crowd that honestly doesn’t like it.

    I know it seems silly, all of this about the admin interface… but if it isn’t fun anymore for a few, will they keep posting and using?

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  • I haven’t had my peek at 2.5 yet (no time), so I can’t get to your point, but just like somebody wrote a “cleaner dashboard” plugin to get rid of all the unnecessary information on the old dashboard, somebody might write a “2.3 look dashboard” plugin for 2.5. Old fame and new functionalities. Head up 🙂

    @jackuul – You aren’t alone. I agree with everything you said 100%.

    I almost feel like I’ve lost a old friend. This new interface has me regretting the move to 2.5 (the first time I’ve every felt this way) and has me seriously thinking about downgrading.

    It is difficult to please everybody I realize. This is a real bummer.

    They‘re about as fast as the WP team 🙂

    I am glad to know at least one person agrees with me

    Thank you for looking, that is most kind of you 🙂

    That looks nice… but – I want my old one back, as similar as possible. Do you know of any others?

    I just really really really detest this new panel. I can’t even sit and write with it now…


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