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  • use this site, it works great:

    I second Brian’s suggestion!

    I used FavIcon from Pics to create favicon.ico for my site, and it was fast and easy.

    That site also has a FavIcon Validator at which you can use to check your work.

    Thanks so much. I DID have the wrong location URL. It is now fixed. Jeanne

    I’ve been having this trouble too. I tried outthat validator, and it said that I had a valid favicon and a link tag.
    My site is Just Create Something (it’s still not fully functional…but I have been having the most trouble just trying to get the favicon to work.)

    Your Favicon shows up perfectly in Firefox. Nothing else does, because your image tags are all pointing at your local hard disk rather than your webspace…

    Hmmm…OK.I wonder I wit won’t show in IE.

    Oops..I didn’t notice that…although…the images showed up fine when I looked that the site form another computer. Maybe I accidentally changed somethign without realizing since checking the site form the other computer. *shrugs*

    EDIT: OK…If you wouldn’t mind, could you check out my site again, and tell me if everything shows now?

    It won’t show up in IE automagically like it does in Firefox. There may be another way, but in general, I have to add a site to IE’s Favorites, then go back to the site. At that point IE will show the Favicon. Until it forgets about it.

    The site displays now. I see you have some rollovers on the links “Artists”, “Contact” and “Shop”. These don’t do anything on FF, and the hover images are missing in IE.

    OK…well I just went to the site again…and the favicon shows in IE now. (And I haven’t added the site to my favorites or anything…so I dunno why it wouldn’t show up before *shrugs*)
    Ummm…I dunno why the hover images wouldn’t show up for you tho…I’ll have to go check that out.

    Thanks for all your help. 🙂

    EDIT: OK…I went and re-did all the hover images for the buttons. So it should work now…At least in IE. I dunno what I need to do to get it show work in FF though. Any ideas? Is there a way to make it work in both IE and FF?

    My site is I went to several icon to gif sites and tried them, and the icon would reluctantly show up if i book marked it, closed the browser, then visited the site. The problem is, if I go to for example the icon pops up immediately. I tried borrowing their icon, and rel link code and still the favicon would not pop up instantly. Is there some relevance between page load time or the use of ASP that may hinder icon loading? Another prime example of an icon that pops up instantly is this site. Any suggestions what is going on?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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