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  • Hi Robin,

    Thanks for releasing a fantastic plugin!

    I am trying to get it to work with showcase pro theme but not having much luck.

    Showcase displays featured images for posts as full header image, just behind the logo header menu.

    I want the same effect for archive pages. Display the featured images in that featured area behind the logo and header menu.

    Any tips and guidance is highly appreciated.

    Thanks and God bless.


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  • Plugin Author Robin Cornett


    I’ve just tested the plugin with Showcase Pro on a local site and it’s working for me, although I’ve disabled the plugin from running on single posts (under Appearance > Display Featured Image for Genesis, the Content Types tab) and have left the theme to do its featured image instead, so the images are not duplicated.

    I noticed that in the theme, when a featured image is displayed, the header text colors are changed. It looks like the theme adds a custom body class if it’s outputting the featured image banner. You can make sure that body class is added to any page using the plugin backstretch image with this filter:

    add_filter( 'display_featured_image_genesis_classes', 'prefix_add_featured_image_body_class' );
     * For the Showcase Pro theme, add the theme body class for featured images
     * if Display Featured Image for Genesis can output a backstretch image.
     * @param $classes
     * @return array
    function prefix_add_featured_image_body_class( $classes ) {
    	if ( in_array( 'has-leader', $classes, true ) ) {
    		$classes[] = 'with-page-header';
    	return $classes;

    (Please back up your site before tinkering with code and practice safe coding.) This will get a lot of the appearance to match the theme featured image display, but you may still want to tinker with CSS a bit.

    Hope that helps you get started.

    Hi Robin,

    Thank you very much for the reply.

    I tried out the code and played around with the plugin settings but unfortunately I was unable to get the plugin to work on the category pages.

    Here is a link showing the area where I want the featured image for categories to show;

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks again.


    Plugin Author Robin Cornett


    Do you have a link where I can see the issue? When I use the plugin with this theme, the category featured images show in this area, very similar to the theme’s single post featured images, so without seeing your specific setup, I’m not really able to tell what’s going on.

    Two things to check are that you do have featured images set for your terms, and that your images are large enough for the plugin to display as a backstretch image (see the plugin description for the sizes used to make this decision).

    Hi Robin,

    Here is a link to a category page on my site with a featured image added.

    Let me know id this helps.

    Kind Regards,


    Plugin Author Robin Cornett


    It looks like your version of the theme has been very customized. On your category archive, an additional div container element has been added around the site-header, and the page-header container has been added inside the container. The styling has been changed on the site-header element as well.

    There are a lot of changes in the style.css, but the markup changes will have been added with PHP, so I can’t advise how to remove those. I believe it would be possible to appear to fix this by hiding the new element with CSS, but you’d be left with duplicated markup, so you’ll need to figure out how the new pieces have been added to your theme and remove them from the category archives.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I removed all the CSS changes from customizer and the results were still the same. I then installed a fresh installation locally and the results were the same.

    Maybe I set up is different from yours but I cannot get it to work at my end.

    Still an awesome plugin though and thanks for the awesome support.

    Best regards,


    Plugin Author Robin Cornett


    It’s more than differences in CSS–there are markup differences which would be created in the PHP of the theme. If you haven’t made customizations to the theme code, it could be the difference between versions–looks like your theme is running version 1.0.2 of the Showcase theme, and what’s available for me to download from StudioPress is version 2.0.2. From the front end, I can only tell that there are significant differences in the stylesheet, and the HTML markup is different. It’s likely that the PHP changed between the two versions as well.

    If you have not made significant CSS changes for your own site, you might try the latest version of the Showcase Pro theme and see if that works better. If it’s too disruptive, though, it may be best to leave it alone.

    Hi Robin,

    I hope you had an awesome weekend.

    It all makes sense now, we are using different versions of the same theme.

    I am using the original version and you are using the latter. I prefer the styling of that old version and I have kept that since.

    Thanks for the assistance so far. I will see if I can custom code the function into the version I am using.

    God bless.


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