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    very good, I installed the plugin and activated it. I put the widget in the left sidebar but when I load the page the translator does not appear. I provided the shortcode and it doesn’t work either.
    I use generatepress premium with divi plugin.
    Also if it is of any use I am using PHP 7.4 with wordpress 5.4 all latest version.

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  • Plugin Author Prisna



    please send a link so it’s possible to take a look.


    magically from yesterday to today some pages if the translator now appears in the sidebar. But the strangest thing is that it does not appear at all. For example in HOME. I also tried EDGE and it works ok but not with chrome or firefox.
    The page is under construction:

    I think I already discovered the problem !!!!!!
    I disabled Rocket Loader ™ (Improve the paint time for pages which include JavaScript.)
    CLOUDFLARE and apparently already work well on all pages.
    I will carry out various tests.
    thank you and keep this in mind

    on the other hand. How can I put a button to reset the language?

    Plugin Author Prisna


    Thanks, I’m checking your site, and I see the following CSS code:

    .goog-te-banner-frame.skiptranslate{display:none !important;visibility:hidden !important}

    This is hiding the translation banner which includes the “Show original” button.

    This rule isn’t a part of the plugin. If you remove it, the banner will show up.


    thank you very much,
    Last question, some way that I won’t load any js until a button is pressed? because it adds to the page about 500 KB almost.

    I thank you very much for everything and you can close the entrance.

    Plugin Author Prisna


    Alright. In regard of your previous question:

    some way that I won’t load any js until a button is pressed?

    That’s not possible because the buttons are generated by those js files. Also, the size of the files is less than 250 KB:

    • element.js: 1.7 KB
    • main.js: 3.2 KB
    • element_main.js: 240 KB
    • callback to retrieve available languages: 1.3 KB transferred over network, resource size: 3.4 KB

    The first 3 are cacheable requests, meaning if a visitor of your site previously visited another site with the Google Translate widget (very likely), then those files won’t be downloaded again. So it only takes 1.3 KB of data transferred over network.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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