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  • My blog is at I am getting “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.” error when I am trying to install the plugin “styles 1.1.7.”. I looked up that error message and went looking for the php.ini file. I found it but not were it was suppose to be. I found it in the following dir “c:\users\steve\appdata\local\temp”. I moved the php.ini file off the C drive to my D hard drive for safe keeping and tried reinstalling the plugin and I am getting the same error message still. There must be an other copy of php.ini on the hard drive someware but I can’t find it. I searched for php.ini and found only the 1 and I did a search for every ini file on the C drive and looked at everyone. I could only find the 1 php.ini in the temp folder. The “styles 1.1.7” plug is suppose to let me changes to the colors both on the background and text color on a page (ea: my home page in the blog) and the color changes will be available for anyone to see after the page is updated. Is there any other plugin like that, that will work?


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  • It’s not on your computer, it’s on the server wherever you host your site, usually /etc/php/php.ini or similar.

    You may be able to add php.ini files to various parts of your site, or not. It depends on your hosts.

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