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  • Hi there!

    I’m quite new to WP, however, I’m very good with HTML/CSS.

    My problem is, that I don’t know much about plugins and solutions commonly used in WP themes. I’ve been browsing through the directories and websites but there seems to be little useful search tools for my problem.

    I designed my own website, and I wanted to put it into WP. If you look at the image, you’ll see that I want to use it rathere as a CMS than a simple blog.

    CLICK HERE for the design and comments

    Now, can you have a look at the design, and help me out?
    I’ve put the exact requirements as side comments in the picture. Surely you guys’ve been longer in WP and can tell me which plugins can I use or what to do. Just tell me, give me a name or something and I’ll be fine with the rest 🙂


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  • Nice site design. Looks great.

    It seems you need to build a custom WordPress theme rather than find plugins. Grab a blank theme like Toolbox by Automattic and put your CSS skills to work. Most theme skinning can be done with CSS.

    You will also need to learn how to cut and paste and rearrange PHP a. You can find good references if you search (upper right) the codex here

    For searching for plugins, search here, or you just can’t beat Google. You can’t always find a plugin that does exactly what you want. Sometimes you need to customize.

    Announcement at the top: I don’t know of a plugin to do this. Find a jQuery example and copy it.

    Content scroller: There are many slideshow plugins. Try Googling: “wordpress plugin jquery slider” or “wordpress plugin content slider”. If you can’t find what you want, you might need to manually customize a jQuery slideshow.

    Custom modules: You could try the plugin, or add custom fields to your home page, or better yet create a custom post type and display them on the home page.

    Latest post on the blog: You could go to admin > Settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most: 1, but that would also show only 1 post on a blog page if you have one. Alternately you could add before the loop in your index.php: query_posts('showposts=4'). Google is your friend, try “wordpress change number of posts on front page”.

    Display lists of grouped pages: In WP admin, create parent/child relationships with pages, then add some code to your theme from here:

    Good luck! WordPress makes a good CMS, and is very friendly to designers.

    mikedev, wow thank you very much for your response! I’ll follow your instructions and if I’m stuck at any point, I hope you don’t mind me asking again.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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