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  • Have a read of Writing_Posts

    This is the website:
    I have a link to Edit the Posts that have been made to the website, but, my questions was about deleting, adding, renaming files, etc. I want to edit a page of the website, not a post made through WordPress.

    The process is the same for Pages as for Posts. Look in the Pages sub menu.

    My Dashboard menu options are:


    According to the documentation the menus should look like:

    Am I missing the -Pages- menus item because of my type of login maybe? Should I ask the administrator to change my login to a different type?

    what level access do you have?

    Also, is the page made through wordpress, or is it external?

    Thanks for your help and you patience.
    Most of the pages were made externally, an existing website was moved to WordPress. I don’t know what level of access I have, I don’t know what the various levels are. If I need a specific level of access, I can request that level from the administrator.
    This might be a stupid question but, do I need to download WordPress software to my PC in order to work on the website? Or is it all browser-based?

    you don’t need WP software downloaded, as WP software goes on the server to make it work.

    WP is web based

    However, if the pages were built outside of WP, you can’t edit them using WP, they need to be edited manually unfortunately

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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