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    Thank you for always providing us with great plugins.
    I am going to create a new WordPress site and installed the Intuitive Custom Post Order plugin as usual, but it is not working properly on the Custom taxonomy page.

    My environment is as follows.

    WordPress 6.4.3
    Intuitive Custom Post Order 3.1.5
    It doesn’t work for either native or custom, post or taxonomy.
    I am running with admin rights.
    There is no error in browser console.
    I have tried clearing the cache and incognito browsing for help, but I can’t drag it.
    mac OS Venture 13.4
    Both of Safari and Google Chrome
    I have enabled only the following two plugins: Intuitive Custom Post Order and Custom Post Type UI

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  • Abhay


    you can change this function in intuitive-custom-post-order.php on line 1096

    public function hicpo_add_capabilities() {
    		$administrator = get_role( 'administrator' );
    		if ( $administrator ) {
    			$administrator->add_cap( 'hicpo_load_script_css' );
    			$administrator->add_cap( 'hicpo_update_menu_order' );
    			$administrator->add_cap( 'hicpo_update_menu_order_tags' );
    			$administrator->add_cap( 'hicpo_update_menu_order_sites' );
    		$editor = get_role( 'editor' );
    		if ( $editor ) {
    			$editor->add_cap( 'hicpo_load_script_css' );
    			$editor->add_cap( 'hicpo_update_menu_order' );
    			$editor->add_cap( 'hicpo_update_menu_order_tags' );


    I was having the same issue and this has fixed it for me – thanks!

    Thread Starter kkbnj


    Thanks to your help, it worked fine!
    And the current latest version of the plugin seems to have solved this problem as well.
    Thank you very much for your help!

    same problem – fix works great! Thanks

    This is a great fix, thanks. Still an issue as of v3.1.5, would be great for core to get updated ASAP

    Agence Myso


    Thank you @abhay-raj for helping !

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