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    This is my BPS link page. WP%20Bullet%20Proof%20Security.pdf

    This is my BPS site address on my link page:

    This is the only information I have and I don’t know what to do with it.
    My site has been removed and dormant for over a year. I need to recover and modify it. I contacted WP staff with this problem, but put the request for help to instead of The reply to my second request to .org can’t be found, so here goes with my third try to the group forum. Please be patient with me as I am a 68 year old newbie to all this, with limited ability for my feeble brain to bath in a sea of information, and absorb much of it. I frankly am overwhelmed with this.

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  • Hi emellish,
    I need a little more information to try and help you out. Who hosted your website? Who did you register the domain name with?

    You may find the information in this thread helpful:

    I found a cache from Google of your webpage: Google Cache



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    Hi Zephyri,

    Thanks for your response. What a wonderful name you have.

    I looked at the cache but it contains another website I used to have, which I am not interested in because it never belonged to me. If I once knew who hosted it I don’t remember now. I paid a-lot of money for its design and management with a company now out of business, so it is more likely I never knew who hosted it, as I left those choices to them.


    Your domain registration has expired. Contact your host to renew your domain registration.

    Relevant dates:
    Registered on: 07-Nov-2011
    Expiry date: 07-Nov-2013
    Last updated: 24-Dec-2011

    Registration status:
    Renewal required.

    The host is listed in the link.

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    The host is listed in the link.

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    This issue may be resolved in others minds, but in its actuality it is not.
    I hope any possibility of recovering my website is NOT dependent upon renewal of my old domain. I will be re-naming my website once I have access to it. I will be registering my new name with a new domain once I recover my website and action my intention to rename it. I have created a WP blog site many months ago which has been dormant since its creation because I decided it was putting the carriage before the horse. I thought my efforts since then, would have been better served through enabling my old website first. Unfortunately this hasn’t happened as no one seems able to nail down a definitive statement regarding whether or not my website is recoverable or not and the steps necessary to make it live. As explained earlier I am uncertain who my host was. I left those decisions with the site designer who also managed it, and who has since ceased trading. It will be a wasteful shame if I can’t recover this site. A great deal of money and effort was spent on its creation, but I can’t move forward unless I know one way or the other if it is recoverable.

    I have located back up file to my old website. How will I know which version of WP to download, or if the latest version is compatible?

    That is not going to be an issue. Any version of WP you install will be compatible with your old WordPress site (assuming it is in fact a WordPress site).

    This information below is based on all of the posts/threads you have posted regarding this issue:
    You will need to purchase a new hosting account. Register your new domain. Install a new WordPress website on this new host.
    This is going to be the tricky part – you will need to have a backup of your old WordPress database. You will then import your old WordPress database into your newly installed WordPress database – when you install a WordPress site on a Host a new database (without any of your old websites’s database data, content, tables) is installed.

    At this point I cannot walk you through all of the steps required. You can either look at all of the available WordPress Codex guides/help pages to figure this out or hire someone who does this regularly or professionally.

    Ed Alexander or not,
    my sincerest thanks for taking the time for your explanation. I may be able to—eventually— work my way through this now that I have a “to do” list which prioritizes the procedure. If there are any additional thoughts or steps to expand on this procedure they are most welcome and appreciated. From my viewpoint, the more comprehensive this “to do” list is, the better

    Sometimes Ed other times not. This time not.

    The WordPress Codex guides/help pages explain what needs to be done in easy and simple laymans terms so restating what WordPress has already stated fully, completely, perfectly would be a silly thing to do.

    If you run into a problem you can do a Google search for the issue and add “WordPress Codex” to the search term or post back here and we will add a link to a WordPress Codex page that has the answer you are looking for.

    Many thanks again

    Many thanks again

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