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  • Hi, I just installed a fresh copy of wordpress to a theme called Karma.

    I’m very familiar with wordpress, but this new version is throwing me for a loop.

    When I upload an image to use in my theme, the image path is wrong. It’s something like

    But it should be:

    Okay, so those may not be the exact names, but the point is, the images don’t appear to be going to the upload folder. Why? There was once a way to input the image path, but now that’s been taken away too. Please Help!

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    first off review troubleshooting 3.5:

    How-To and Troubleshooting

    Hi, thanks for responding, but I already reviewed troubleshooting and still couldn’t figure it out. I also searched this forum and saw that I’m not the only one having this problem, but I haven’t seen any answers to the other members who asked a similar question to mine.

    I deactivated all my plugins, activated the default theme, completely uninstalled wordpress and my current theme and reinstalled everything and my image path is still wrong and I still can’t change it.

    Can someone please help me with something other than directing me to trouble-shooting? I can find the config file if I need to but I don’t have a clue what to do after that. I’m not a programmer, I’m just a person with a theme who wants to blog using wordpress.

    Thanks much!

    Hi Everybody,
    Please, can someone tell me what I need to do to fix my image path problem? The images upload fine and I can see them on the website, but when I try to place them in my posts, they don’t show because the image path is wrong. Apparently they’re not being saved in the folder they should be saved in.

    One more problem…I noticed that when I try to use the custom permalink ending this way – /%postname%/ I get a page not found error message. When I first used the custom permalink, I saved the changes and hit refresh but for some reason, it threw everything off. Once I went back to the default permalink, I could pull up any page.

    Can someone please help me? I would really appreciate it.



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    When you deactivated all plugin and changed to twentyeleven, did you still have the problem?

    Hi WPyogi,
    Thanks so much for writing back. Yes, when I deactivated the plugins and switched to twentyeleven, the problem was solved and I could see the correct path. I also noticed that even when I reactivated the plugins and switched to twentyeleven, the problem was gone.

    I’m using the Karma theme by TrueThemes. Does that make a difference? When I wrote to them about the problem, they said it was a core wordpress problem. – Here’s my site link –

    By the way, the pics that show in the Karma theme came with the demo content. These weren’t my pic uploads.

    Thanks for any light you can shed on this.

    Rita L

    Hi Wpyogi,
    I just discovered something. If I go directly to the “Media” option and click on one of my uploaded pics, it shows the correct path that the pic has been stored in. It’s only when I’m writing a post and I click “add media” and choose a pic and try to insert it that it uses the wrong path and no pic shows on the post.

    Just thought I’d throw that in. I’m going to write to the TrueThemes, who authored the Karma Theme and bring that to their attention.


    Rita L

    PS – This matter isn’t resolved, I just wanted to tell you what I discovered



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    If you don’t have the problem when using twentyeleven, it’s not a core WP problem. But what happens when you start adding one by one your plugins to twentyeleven — to see if one of them is causing the problem?

    If not, then it is a theme problem and unfortunately, these forums can’t help with commercial themes, so definitely go back to the developer and/or ThemeForest (assuming you purchased it there).

    Thanks so much! Yes, I bought the theme from ThemeForest. I’ll write TrueThemes today and give them the link back to this conversation.

    I appreciate you. Happy holidays!

    Rita L

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