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  • I cant able to import blogger .
    i done the following steps.
    1. installed wordpress 2.6
    2 import
    3 blogger
    4. given username and password
    5. accept sec
    now status shown is importing 1/250
    after that set authorise
    save changes
    then i realise that nothing imported.

    what i have to do ? please help me


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  • Try this:
    1. create free account in
    2. Manage > Import > Blogger – don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work first or second time – just make sure that you have the correct username and password
    3. After you import from Blogger, Manage > XML Export > All and save to computer.
    4. Open self-hosted WordPress and Manage > Import > WordPress. Sometimes, you can get it all imported in one go, other time, need to go through import process more than once.
    Good luck.

    Yeah Its Worked.

    Thanks a Lot. Thank you very much.

    -Arun Raj R
    ventures Unlimited

    Same problem, I’m using wordpress 2.6.1, when I click Import, the button changes to Importing then it becomes Set Author.

    But using Mercime’s method it works! THANKS!

    Glad it helped. Two more things: to avoid duplicate content, delete account with and if your question in this forum was solved, click on dropdown to Resolved 🙂

    Why does this solution work? Does it have something to do with settings in php.ini or something? Memory limits? Any ideas? It would be great to have a solution that does not require setting up a account.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Why does this solution work?

    Usually because your host is restricted from contacting outside systems or something similar to that.

    Another workable solution is to install XAMPP on your home machine, install WordPress on that, and do the import there.

    hi… I’ve tried this solution but it doesn’t work either.
    I’m trying to import from a blog (blogspot) and it shows 1/5 imported the “set authors” button and nothing happens =/
    I’ve tried exporting all to xml and importing as wordpress but all it does is to import all i already have again =/
    is there another faster way then manually?

    I have another solution from another Blogger import where the previous solution didn’t work. I found it in Pivotlog (another blogging software)wherein you change the format of your HTML in Blogger and save the text file which you save in computer. You will then go to Admin Manage > Import > MOVABLE TYPE (yeah, that’s right).

    BEFORE DOING SO, COPY AND SAVE THE ORIGINAL TEMPLATE/HTML CODE YOU HAVE IN YOUR BLOGGER. here’s the Pivotlog link Converting from Blogger, follow sections 1 and 2 only. Import to WordPress – You will then go to Admin Manage > Import > MOVABLE TYPE.

    Good luck.

    i followed the steps in comment 2 its start importing but half a way it stopped and then same problem after importing few post it come back to set author state….

    Does it helps to import my Blogger blog subscribers to self-hosted WordPress???

    I followed comment #2. Evertying works but when I tried to import in self-hosted wordpress, it says the file exceededs. The allowable is only 2MB but my blog post/file is 6.74MB.

    Please, I need help.

    @ raqmitch = try opening the file in a text editor. Examine the structure that WP creates for each post, then edit out posts to make the file smaller. Essentially you are breaking it into chunks. Worked for me… I edited out older posts. Later on when I have time I will try to pull them back in. Good luck!

    I have tried both techniques. When I get to the import screen. It shows me i have 0/0 to import into wordpress. Any ideas?

    after exporting that XML file, what do i do with it?

    itdesignrelated – in your self-hosted WordPress, you then go to Tools-Import-Wordpress, then navigate to that xml file.

    Mercime – your solution worked for me like a charm. Thank you so much for taking the time to post!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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