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  1. geraldisaacs
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I have a link to an mp3 on my website.

    I recently edited and uploaded the modified mp3 file. But when I access the link from the computer where I edited it (Windows XP - Chrome) I hear the old file - not the modified one. Even after emptying my browser cache, the problem persists. So I removed the file from my host but I can still hit the link and hear the old file. Deleted the file completely and uploaded it again. Even while there was no file on the host, I could hit the link and play it, so it's bing cached somewhere.

    So I rebooted the computer. Same story - old file instead of new one. Same problem.

    I would guess this is related to WP Super Cache, that my web hosting service recently suggested that I use. But I have checked Boxes 1 and 3.

    So I updated the page with the link. That didn't help either.

    But if I go to another computer (Windows 7 - Chrome), I hear the newer file. What is happening? How do I fix this problem. Does this have anything to do with permalinks?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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