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  • That blog is pure spam. Keep posting links to it and be banned.

    It is not spam,, it uses the WordPress, and it has university topic that i am in need of

    The site contains good topics including the ones needed in software engineering and I just wanna know how can i read the people’s replies to the issues.

    I think the issue comes from WordPress, maybe the server of wordpress is down… can someone tell me why>>>??

    Sport, either you think we’re a bunch of low wattage bulbs or you typed in the wrong URL at the beginning. Because I promise you, there’s no redeeming value at the URL you supplied.

    There’s a blog there, I won’t deny it. But it’s all spam.

    What are you talking about? On page 5 look for an essay written by Dr. Danziger. That essay is the one I want to know about.

    Then google for it and don’t trust every link-farm you find.

    That blog has no content. It exists solely to pull in chimps and hope they click the ad links.

    I think you are right. I hate those people… Dumbasses.

    Yup, it’s annoying as hell. Sorry.

    By the way, is there any search engine that searches within blogs including wordpress?

    Dumbasses? No, I don’t think so. Well, at least they’re not as stupid as the people who visit their lowlife scumbag website and then click on the ads.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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