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I cannot create a new site in my network

  • Hi!
    I have a trouble creating a new site into my network.
    I donΒ΄t know how to complete each field. when I try to create a new site using a subdomain previously created in my hosting I receive this error message: the site adress does not exist or it is not valid.
    Thanks in advance!

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  • That means you didn’t set up wildcard subdomains on your server. This is an aspect of your site that’s managed outside of WordPress.

    If you’re using cPanel, you can make a subdomain of * (yes * ) and that will work. Otherwise, please review your host’s documentation about how to make wildcard subdomains. If they don’t permit wildcard subdomains, you’ll need to either manually edit the vhosts settings on your server, or you can make subdomains and point them to the folder where WordPress is installed. By default, subdomains point to their own folders, such as /public_html/subdomain or /home/user/sub.example.com/ – you’ll want to point that to where WP is installed, which is probably /public_html/ or /home/user/example.com/

    Thank you ipstenu, My host doesn’t provide wildcard subdomains if one pay the basic tariff, I must pay a lot for having those subdomain. For that reason I need to redirect my subdomains to where WP is installed wich is in public_html. But because I am a newbie I don’t know how to do that. My subdomain is http://eltallersitio.com/en/ because what I am trying to do is a two languages website. I have followed the instructions to install WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin but the web has left to work when I introduced domain_mapping.php into MU-plugins folder and it works again if I take this archive out.
    Do you mind offering me a sugestion about how to proceed in these two problems?
    Thank you in advance!

    @ipstenu that link responds with a blank page, most probably because a folder was created for that subdomain and it’s empty, while user is trying to do a sub-directory install.

    @feerica look in your wp-config.php file and make sure that SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL is set to FALSE

    define('SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL', false);

    From your hosting control panel delete the subdomain you’ve created (probably en.eltallersitio.com) and also make sure you remove the ‘public_html/en’ or ‘/home/user/en.eltallersitio.com’ folder using a file manager or a FTP manager.

    @alin Marcu! thanks for your suggestion but it doesn’t work! This file, I don’t know why, is producing a shortcut in my website and I cannot continue creating my network. I have made all you told me but it doesn’t work. πŸ™
    Creating a network is being a headache for me!

    ferrica – You’re not using subDOMAINS if your URL is http://eltallersitio.com/en/

    That’s a sub FOLDER. Subdomain would be en.eltallersitio.com and yes, it’s a MAJOR difference!

    (See how advice changes when you tell us the right things?)

    http://eltallersitio.com/en/ is now loading a WordPress page, but it’s a 404.

    What do you have for your Multisite section of your wp-config?

    Ipstenu, thank for your support. When I created the subdomain in my hosting I had to do the following: create a subdomain as en.eltallersitio.com and then redirect it as el tallersitio.com/en. At least that was the suggestion from my hosting support.
    What I am trying to do is a double language webpage but I don’t want to use a plugin to translate the content because is an static webpage with no much content and I want to run two identical website one for each language.
    I have eliminated everything what I did because the shortcut but I am going to try redirect the subdomain as en.eltallersitio.com and see what happens.
    thank you.

    Your host is strange… Do you WANT a subdomain?

    Basically we can help you, but we have to figure out what you want your URLs to be first πŸ™‚

    In both cases, though, you do not want an actual /en/ folder on your server, so make sure you delete that.

    ipstenu, i have started again πŸ™
    I have created a subdomain en.eltallersitio.com but I didn’t redirect it anywhere because my host doesn’t allow me to redirect to en.eltallersitio.com and this is where I want it to go. Probably I am not understanding well the procedure. I want my main web to be called eltallersitio.com (spanish version) and the subdomain en.eltallersitio.com calls to the English version.
    Second question, it is necessary for me to install the mu mapping plugin? because I don’t want to redirect nothing. I have my website already created and I only want to be able to manage my english version in the same network where I am running the spanish version.
    many thanks!

    Do you WANT a subdomain? Yes or no?

    In your specific, kinda messed up, case, you MAY need domain mapping, but since we don’t know what you want, we need to ask to be sure.

    Where is WordPress installed? What do you want your site URLs to be?

    I m sorry! I thought I was clear. Yes, I want to use a subdomain to put the English version of my website. I have created one in my server called en.eltallersitio.com but I didn’t redirect it yet because I don’t know how to do that in my server.
    wordpress is installed in public_html. I want the web spanish version to be in the root, eltallersitio.com. And I want to install in the subdomain en.eltallersitio.com the English version. thank you!

    Okay. You need to have en.eltallersitio.com point to the public_html folder then.

    Can you do that?

    (Keep in mind this is all outside of WP, so it’s 100% server stuff)

    I am sorry. I am not able yet. I am investigating how to do that.

    Yeah, then it’s going to be … really hard because the same concepts will be needed if you wanted to map domains.

    What kind of panel interface do you have? cPanel, Plesk, or somethign custom?

    They use something alike cpanel.

    @ipstenu, I have done some new things and I think that I am in the right way but not completely there is something missing.
    I have created my network and I have used the Networks for WordPress plugin. Then I installed a copy of my website in /en/ folder which was created in the root when I have generated a subdomain (en.eltallersitio.com). The subdomain is working I only have to change manually the texts in the English version. BUT I cannot enter in the subdomain admin; when I try it, the url changes automatically to my main domain admin. What do you think? Thank you again for your support!

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