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  • I’ve doing my best to optimise my blog after being told by my Host that there is too much MySQL CPU usage for running it on a shared server.

    I’ve followed their suggestion for installing WP Super Cache. I have clicked the “recommended” options and also updated the mod_rewrite rules.

    I have installed WP to reduce image data and WP Minify to help further with the reductions.

    My theme carries a few .js files that I can not minify because then they lose their functionality so I can not improve those. A couple of .css files too but they are not too much of an issue I don’t think.

    I have 13 plugins inclusive of the optimisation plugins. The rest hardly carry any weight so I can not see those as being too much of an issue either.

    I’ve put in a piece of code into the .htaccess file from here:

    I altered the last line to make it up to a month by default.

    The normal cache script is still present along with the additional mod_rewrite rules from the WPSC plugin. I don’t know what to take out if anything. Leave it as it is? Take something out?

    I really can’t do any more or at least, I’ve not an idea on what else to do.

    I’m not that smart either and a bit stuck on what to do next. My sites running at 86 on Google Page Speed. Pingdom tells me on average that I’m running at 74/100 with a speed of about 3secs max for a 1Mb page size. says that I’m 90/100 but to have a variance from there compared to others I’m not sure what is satisfactory.

    I am using my homepage for the rules and not post pages which carry further content but I feel that if I can optimise the homepage better then the rest of the site will follow.

    My blog is my job and at the moment, I’m not managing to achieve my goals content wise. I would really appreciate some help as I have no-one to ask other than those in the community.

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  • You probably need to move to a better hosting account if your blog is serving cached content most of the time and you still get warnings.

    Some of those plugins could be running all the time using Javascript to load them. Do you have a stats plugin that records things locally?

    Use the plugin debug system to figure out if you really are serving lots of cached content.

    I’m sorry if I didn’t make it clear, but I installed all these bits after the warning. I did have a cache plugin installed but I didn’t configure it very well I don’t think.

    Fortunately though, with all of the changes I’ve made over the last two to three days I’ve reduced my CPU usage on the server which was the main goal, optimised my site so that I reduce requests and remove unnecessary plugins.

    I’ve just checked and managed to hit:
    91/100 on Google Page Speed.
    Webpagetest states 90/100 but with work still left to do with combining the theme .js and .css files which is what I’m struggling with mainly and also I have no CDN.
    With Pingdom I get mixed results but even the worst is tolerable.

    I’m a bit stuck now..

    It is mainly my theme .js and .css files that I can’t improve on now or at least do not know how to.

    The shared web hosting costs little and the providers typically promise a lot. However if you starts to use more than a few percent CPU/memory on average you will get suspension or threats.

    I have since moved to a VPS host and it is much better. It still takes some optimization to make it run well because of limited memory but at least no more threats from provider.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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