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  • My hosting was part of the problem yet they wanted nothing to do with helping me export a single website out of a multisite. Setting up a multisite? Turning a single website into a multisite? Piece of cake! Migrating / Cloning a single sub-site from a multisite with media, URL links attached, and multiple layers of database table to export and revise felt like moving a 6 story house by myself!

    There are some other expensive options out there but Prime Mover was the only plugin that had a free one-click option that actually worked! I opted for the free version not knowing if this would work and let it run over night. I woke up and to find my computer had “shut down due to an error” and felt like crying a little. After startup I immediately went to the Prime Mover plugin and saw nothing. It felt like a long shot but I went to the website and it was all completely there, 100%! All the plugins, images, everything! I of course immediately backed up, used Regenerate Thumbnails to remove the mess my theme had recreated, cached everything, and website was good as new!

    If you’re an agency or freelance web developer and like the multisite setup but need to export sub-sites to a single site directory, I would highly suggest this plugin! Opt for the pro if you are using it for this purpose so you don’t lose customers, the standard version is very slow but it is also very free and works perfect.

    This is an honest review, I have no relation to this company, I’m just stoked!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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