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  • Hi.. My storefront dashboard works within all elements (i think) – apart from when i try and access orders. The wp_debug within its log states an error of “woocommerce_get_price is deprecated since version 3.0.0!
    Use woocommerce_product_get_price instead.”
    Im unsure of how to fix this issue..
    Rolled back versions of WordPress but this didnt help..
    Your help would be greatly appreciated – cheers Andy from Australia..

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • This seems like you might be using an outdated plugin or theme that is using the deprecated function you listed above. Do you have any updates for any plugins perhaps? Try updating them and see if it stops. It’s also likely that a plugin is using the incorrect function and the developer will need to fix it.

    Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for the advice. I should have mentioned that i only started building the site a few months back and have not yet finished. I knew plugins could be an issue and so i deactivated every one of them except Woocommerce – this did not make the issue go away. OR do i need to delete them one by one..? i.e. can they react with the site when deactivated and not removed..?
    Im using Storefront and all themes are up to date..
    Any wisdom on the matter would be greatly appreciated — cheers..

    maybe i can go through the plugins and search for “woocommerce_get_price” — if so, seeings as im a novice — where would i search..? is it the “name of the plugin”.php file ..?

    through “UpdraftPlus” for backups, ive restored the individual elements of the site one by one (from the last backup).. the database seems to be corrupted in some way.. my only issue is ive added so many products on the site and have not done a backup in some two months.. i suppose ill have to go back and start again (all my fault for not backing up within regular intervals)..
    is there a way of replacing what calls the “shop_order” – as this is the only element not working..
    p.s. the site has been hacked with a bit of malware, ive cleaned it up, however, maybe theyve done damage to other files..

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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