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  • If you look at this topic, you’ll see the my third attempt to post specific code to help show details of the problem that I was reporting ended up confusing the forum so that all subsequent posts used a monotype:
    I eventually couldn’t figure out how to post my code example to the forum in a readable way, so for my 4th attempt, I resorted to putting the content of the post up on my own site.

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  • Thanks Beel. I just realized I could edit comments, so I deleted the problematic code in the forum postings that were causing the trouble.
    The problem is still fully documented for the moment on my own website to which I posted the link on the blockquote forum thread in question. It was the only reasonable way for me to be able to demonstrate the exact code in question — plus on that page, I linked to a full set of post data that would have been far too large for a forum post.

    Hmm, for some reason when you and now I post to this thread, I’m not seeing the updates in my newsreader (which happens to be NetNewsWire). I’m guessing it might be because the feed to this forum thread doesn’t validate:

    Oops, yes, the dyslexic il was in the index.php and thus on all pages. It was a result of a change made too quickly today because it related to another forum topic. Fixed now. The Onion post is now valid.
    I can also confirm that the invalid RSS feed was because of the particular way you were writing the comment tags. Now that you’ve removed them, the feed works.
    This all is orthogonal to the blockquote validity problem. It still exists. As a workaround, I think I can mess around with having the automatic filters removed that act on the_content(), but I’ll try that tomorrow (I’m guessing “autop” adds those paragraph markers in an unfortunate way that is not smart enough to avoid breaking my post.)

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