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    I was using the Easel theme up until yesterday. I was fixing an issue wit duplicating pictures and was deleting a bunch of images that weren’t connected to posts. Sometime during this I noticed that my second post ended up on the top right of my page taking over the widget area. It also bumped the widgets all over the place where they shouldn’t be located. I changed themes temporarily to one that doesn’t have this issue. However, in testing other themes, I noticed the same thing happened.

    Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like:

    The themes I had this issue with is Easel and also in Zeestyle.

    I’m not even sure where to start to fix this. Did a google search but couldn’t find anything on this.

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  • It’s likely that you deleted some mark-up code – which tends to mess things up in the layout of pages. The best place to start is by validating the pages — that will show you where any coding errors are. Then you have to track them down — as they can be in the content or in the theme files or plug in code.

    ugh, this seems WAY out of my league. :/ How would i have even messed with the mark-up code by just deleting pictures?

    Okay, so I did run it through and it gave me a “cleaned up” html that I can use. Is this even safe to do? I don’t want to break it worse.
    499 Errors, 107 warning(s) <–what mine came up with which seems extremely high.

    Yes, that is a TON of errors. But unless you can post a link to the site, no way to offer much help, other than that you need to clear up the errors. I’m not sure the “cleaned up” html will solve your problems because WP generates dynamic pages – that’s not the same as static HTML.

    The link to my site is on my profile name link.

    So, i ultimately did break my website in my attempt to fix this. I just wanted to state to any other wordpress noobs out there like me, if you break it and need to reinstall from one of the “backups” you’ve made from your dashboard…it will erase all links from your blogroll and will delete all subscribed people. Also will mess up your picture links in your posts.

    I am still trying to fix my website after “breaking” it. So, do a bit more research into backing up and restoring than I did and save yourself the headache.

    (tho doing the “restore” the way I did, DID ultimately fix my widget/post issue..I just would not suggest doing it the way I did)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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