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  • Ok so devs good job on the plugin but you need to step up your game!

    • Woody has a fantastic safemode option for people like me who nuke their production sites.
    • Please include a free safe mode option that deactivates all code snippets.

      I was also wondering after I nuked my site- I changed the plugin name and tried to reinstall MCF but it failed I was hoping it would install with the old code snippet deactivated, so I could edit it.

      I had to use File Manger Plugin to delete the plugin.

      Does MCF create a database table that I need to manually drop in php myadmin?

    Renaming the plugin and deleting it does that remove everything from the plugin?

      Just an FYI this plugin does work but does not offer php validation options in the editor. I made a simple error in the code and it nuked my site. I’m sure this happens a lot and is the biggest drawback for this plugin. If you are using it I’m sure it is a very stable plugin when it works.
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