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  • whooami



    2 things:

    1. dont spam your blog here. you already have ONE thread for it, and its not even self-hosted, which is what this forum is for. I see you spam your blog again, I will be the first one to lodge a complaint with the paid support at

    2. I dont read blogs that are written in text speak. I realize you are young, but writing lololoz every other sentance is about as useful and enlightening as .. as nothing. You want an audience? Write in a real language, then.



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    whooami: Heh. You should see my cousin’s Facebook page. I’ll provide a sample:

    “like idc anymore if y’all want to start drama start drama but I want nun to do wit it… I’m out:(((((.”

    … Yeah. I think I’m going to have to have a talk with her about that.

    Well okay, I will type a formal comment for all of you then 🙂
    But the emoticons stay.
    1) This my first time posting in forums, so I didn’t know about the spamming factor; I will take note of that next time!
    2) Maybe I will consider typing formally, as I feel rather professional typing like this *struts* But I feel I’m more “me” wen i’m typin like

    I have a question! If I don’t type in ‘real language’ does that mean it’s a bad thing? I believe writing blogs is like expressing your feelings and being yourself, typing like the way I do, is the way I am and expressing myself. Isn’t that what sites like this need? More originality? 🙂 I understand the fact that typing formally will probably influence the way information ok? So I will take your advice and try type more formally 🙂

    Anyway, thankyou everybody for your comments (no sarcasm was put into that)! 🙂

    Tina. Besides I think that American English is already a degeneration of a language and that degeneration goes a lot faster when people ignore all spelling rules, this whole discussion here is a generation difference. Truely, I don’t mind how you write your blog, I just don’t read blog of everyday things of people that I don’t know. On the other hand, 99% of the people will not read the things that I scribble. We all have our audiences. There’s no “good” or “bad” in that.




    2 unrelated observations …

    I will take note of that next time!

    there shouldnt be a next time, you already have this thread.

    If I don’t type in ‘real language’ does that mean it’s a bad thing ….

    No, but it means your’e limiting your audience to people that either get what you are saying, or have the urban dictionary or similar open, in order to translate.

    I use text speak when I text: it serves a purpose of helping to overcome the built in character limit of 160. That’s not generational. I don’t use it when Im writing out content of any kind that’s intended for a larger audience than someone on the other side of my cell.

    Just my .02


    I think your blog is great! First of all, the fact that you are 14 and have your own blog is very impressive to me (it took me until I was 32!). I’m sure that as time goes on you will change many things about your site – possibly even the way you write.

    We aren’t really supposed to focus on content here but I want to say I think that you should always strive to write in a way that represents who you are or how you feel at any moment. As your blog seems like a journal than anyone can read it’s important to consider your audience a bit. In your case I’m sure that most of your readers would rather read text speak than a more formal form of writing. So keep the text speak.

    You are obviously mature enough to know that ways in which you express yourself at 14 are often very different from 12 or 16 or 30.

    As far as the site is concerned – I love the graphic in the posts and I think you should work on a header that fits your colorful personality.

    Good luck on the site! You’re already doing a great job.

    I have something to say to all of you commenters!
    Firstly, thankyou for all the helpful advice and complements!
    Secondly, since I want a mixture of audiences I will try alter the way I type, so you guys better come back and check out my blog in the near future to see my improvements 😛 (and hopefully that will put a smile on your face) 🙂
    OH YES! I might even consider writing out a mini dictionary for computer terms to help my audience understand my art :D!





    I might even consider writing out a mini dictionary for computer terms to help my audience understand my art :D!

    i think that’s a great idea 🙂

    Its cute. haha. It looks like you have fun with your writing and that’s always a good thing.

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