• DarkWolfCave


    Independent Analytics is characterized by its simple installation on WordPress. In terms of data protection, it complies with GDPR standards, does not use cookies and does not track identifiable data. All data is stored securely on its own (or hosted) server, so there is no interference from third parties. The data is optimally prepared and clearly displayed in the customizable dashboard. Especially for small to medium-sized sites, this is significantly better and easier to understand than the top dog Google. I was so impressed with Independent Analytics that I bought a lifetime license. The real-time display is also very interesting. I no longer have Google running in parallel, the GDPR will thank me 😉 The planned roadmap also promises additional added features in the near future. In short: Independent Analytics is probably the best choice for anyone who doesn’t need Google’s in-depth details or simply doesn’t want to pay with data!

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