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  • I am trying to get some help. I waited free days and still no help from anyone. Please, can someone take 1 min to help me?

    I have this theme:

    As you can see i have the option to NOT have thumbnail on the preview of the posts on home page (post nr. 1 and 3) or to have it, like you can see on my homepage at the second post. But i dont like that kind of thumbnail because it is to big. I would like to have a little thumbnail in front of the text exactly like you can see here: Can someone tell me how could i do that? And i would also like to have fewer lines of text in post preview. For example now i have about 6-7 lines but i would like to have only 4.

    Please help me…

    If you didnt understood what am i looking for, please tell me and i will try to explain better.

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  • Posting multiple times in multiple topics won’t help.

    Please keep in your original post, where others did reply.

    It is not the same thing. In my previous post i was trying to find a similar theme. In this post i am looking to modify my theme. And that post has 3 days. I am sure nobody will ever answer there so i was forced to start a new one.

    It takes more than one minute of someone’s time to modify a theme, any theme, so … time is money. At least for some folks here.

    I see that you got that theme from ElegantThemes. They’ve got a great forum dedicated specifically to their themes. I’d start there.

    Oh, and doing the virtual equivalent of jumping up and down and screaming and throwing a tantrum … because you don’t think anyone answered you quick enough (and I don’t even JUMP for my paying clients like that) … isn’t going to endear you to anyone here or get your questions answered. You’ll just end up on someone’s bozo list. Trust me.

    You can create as many as thumbnail sizes from your functions.php in your theme. The following code snippet shows how I create four thumbnail sizes: default (150×150 pixels), mini (100×100 pixels), and the other two.

    // Set the post thumbnail size by 150x150 pixels.
    set_post_thumbnail_size( 150, 150, true );
    // Add mini image size
    add_image_size('mini', 100, 100, true);
    // Add some sizes to match the size of ads banner sizes
    add_image_size('size200x200', 200, 200, true);
    add_image_size('size180x150', 180, 150, true);

    But, current version of WordPress will only generate new thumbnails for new uploaded images only. To make existing images to have as many as post thumbnails as the new one, you have to regenerate them using a plugin:

    Then, you can use a specific version of the thumbnail by calling the_post_thumbnail() function (or get_post_thumbnail() function) by giving it specific size parameter, i.e:


    Hence, now you should free to use any thumbnail size on your homepage.

    Check out also my posts about post-thumbnails here:

    i am a bit confused. you have to explain me slower 🙂

    i have the option to turn off thumbnails for homepage posts. Should i turn that off and start working on the code? or should i let it on and work on that?

    this is what i have in functions.php


    /* sets predefined Post Thumbnail dimensions */
    if ( function_exists( ‘add_theme_support’ ) ) {
    add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ );

    //index.php, single.php, page.php
    add_image_size( ‘entry-thumb’, 573, 187, true );

    add_image_size( ‘sidebar-thumb’, 44, 44, true );

    /* ——————————————— */


    First, if you want to use thumbnail in homepage then you should turn it ON. But from the problem description, it’s likely that you can turn it ON or OFF on per individual post.

    Now, just focus on the thumbnail size for the post which thumbnail option is turned ON.

    In your index.php inside your theme directory, find the the_post_thumbnail function call. If you find it, then you should know the parameter being used to call the function. Is it blank (default thumbnail)? or is it filled with specific thumbnail name (i.e: entry-thumb)?

    If it is set to entry-thumb then your thumbnail image size would be 573×187 pixels. You can change this size to whatever you want, for example 300×100 pixels. Here is how to do it.

    First, in your functions.php, add image size 300×100 pixels:

    add_image_size( 'new-thumb', 300, 100, true );

    Then regenerate all thumbnail images using the plugin I mentioned above.

    Then in your index.php, change the parameter on the the_post_thumbnail function call to ‘new-thumb’.

    After that, your thumbnail image sizes in homepage should change to 300×100 pixels.

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