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  • When I some years ago found the Collapse-O-Matic and could use it for texts in my blog notes it solved quite a lot of structural problems. It has been stable all the time, and I must say it really adds pleasure to my blogging. And hopefully for the readers too..

    Here’s an example: (expanded for ten seconds after start)

    Somewhat aside, but still in scope: I have programmed with folding editors since the late eighties. Up until I retired in June I used winf32 (a Windows editor), it took folding to a high level, where a fold is a first-rate citizen. Now that I program mostly in Eclipse-based XMOS xTIMEcomposer I miss that functionality. When it comes to code, not text per se, it’s about so much more than collapsing and expanding. But winf32 needed to be modernised. I have it for download at my home page, the code too, and I have written some about what it is and what I miss. If this is something that interests you (or the Collapse-O-Matic people) then it may be an interesting read. See (Disclaimer: my blog is just a hobby, no ads, no income, no gifts.. only expenses..) I’d be glad to help any who would want to make a winf32-type++ plugin for Eclipse/xTIMEcomposer

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