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  • Hi Guys,

    I know it’s not related to but since I cannot access forums, I am leaving my message here.

    For the last three days, I have not been able to access any of the sites (including homepage) and Wikipedia pages. I am not sure if the problem is with my computer, my ISP or what? I know that some other users from India have been able to access these sites. Not sure if they belong to the same ISP as mine or not.

    I visit a lot of blogs on a daily basis and now I am not able to do so. Can anyone suggest what I need to do in this scenario? At least for Wikipeida, I can access the cached pages and read the content. For blogs, I need to post comments which is not possible with cached pages.

    Any help appreciated…

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  • Forgot to add: I have not (yet) faced any problems accessing any other sites using my Internet connection. I have a problem only with these two sites. Thank you…

    Both of those domains are currently operational. It must be related to a network or ISP issue.

    First, try from another local computer and see if it’s actually an issue with just one machine or browser.

    If there is no difference, then try from a network located in another location – especially if the problem occurs at a business location, rather than at home.

    This is for historical context only, and shouldn’t be interpreted as your current issue until there is something to suggest otherwise: indian isps block 2012

    Thanks for your response ClaytonJames. I am accessing Internet at home using Reliance Wireless CDMA connection. I tried accessing the two sites using two browsers (chrome and firefox) and they don’t work in either of them. I guess it should be an ISP issue. I’ll try accessing them from another computer at a friends place (He is subscribed to another ISP).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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