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  • Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    CFDB should not interfere with emails. Try temporarily disabling CFDB and do a form submission. If you get an email only with CFDB disabled, then we know CFDB is causing the problem.

    I have this same problem. with the plugin enabled, I don’t get an e-mail but it is submitted to the database. However I also have people add an attachment which is not mailed and also not added to the database.

    With the plugin disabled, it does send the e-mail with attachment.

    Is there any way to solve this?

    Thanks, Don


    Forgot to mention that it worked perfectly before!

    After some testing, I found out that if I take out the file attachment bit. Mails are sent and added to the database. So there is a problem with the attachments.

    I have never had this before. However I used this alot last year for a project and the project is again this year. So I guess there is something with an update.

    Thanks again!


    After some trying and testing again, I realised small files work. They get sent and uploaded in the database. But larger files 1MB + they get stuck. I changed the php.ini file. Is there anything else I should check?

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    In Contact Form 7, I think there is a 1Mb default size limit on file uploads which you can change simply by adding a max size to the field definition. (You will have to look that up).

    That is set to 7mb. So it’s not the setting. 🙁

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    I’ll try to find some time within the next week to see if I can duplication and fix the issue.

    I made the CFDB update on several websites and actually I have the same problem everywhere. This was the only plugin that I updated yesterday night and since then all data submitted by users are available in the database but emails are NOT sent, and this is on several different servers.

    Hi again
    I downgraded to 2.4.8 and on my 3 websites it works again…

    Sweet news Dominique! Where do I find the 2.4.8 and how do I downgrade?


    Thanks! I tried 2.4.8 , 2.4.7 , 2.4.6 and 2.4 but all the same problem. It keeps spinning like it’s sending. It adds the form to the database without the attachment and doesn’t e-mail.

    If the file is smaller then 1mb it works and if I disable the CFDB plugin it e-mails.

    Thanks for the help anyways!

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    The best I can figure is that larger files are causing the plugin to run out of memory.

    I think the scenario is:
    – Form is submitted
    – CF7 calls a hook just prior to sending email; this is were CFDB hooks in
    – CFDB saves the regular form data to the DB
    – CFDB reads the file into memory and tries to save it to the DB
    — I think here it runs out of memory and dies.
    — This prevents CF7 from continuing and sending mail

    You can try increasing the memory limit for WordPress.

    Ok, I have set the config file, but it hasn’t changed anything. How can I make sure it has accepted the changes? How can I check the php settings?

    Thanks for the help!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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