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    When I try make a restore I get an error message “Could not run restore script, AUTH_KEY missing or invalid!”.

    What am I doing wrong?.

    Thanks for this great plugin

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  • Make sure the restore script you are using is downloaded from the same location you attempting the restore, usually each backup location creates it’s own AUTH_KEY which is copied inside the restore script at the moment of download, if that changed maybe, try and re-download the restore script and try again

    You can also open the xcloner_restore.php file and look on line 3, do you see something like

    define(‘AUTH_KEY’, ‘868732yrge2kfbkwebfw’);


    is it possible to restore the backup in another location without installing wordpress?
    can´t I do a migration?

    The restore script is integrated within Worpdress plugin, so it would only work from there. You would only have to upload the restore script provided to the new location and then simply access that from your original WordPress control panel, Restore section.. If that doesn’t work, I am happy to continue to help you through the forums or feel free to contact me here to see if it’s maybe a bug you are facing.

    Please make sure you check the restore video posted here to see how XCloner Restore procedure works.

    This is a new implementation of the restore procedure, and maybe i am missing something from my tests, so any bug reports are welcomed to make this easier to use.

    If you are unable to access the restore location from within your original WordPress site, you could install a blank copy of WordPress on your new location, install XCloner, and then call the restore script from within that control panel.

    There is also the manual option, where you can simply restore the files manually, import the database backup which you can find inside the archive, file xcloner-xxxxx/database-sql.sql and update the wp-config.php mysql details as well as the the WordPress SITE_URL and HOME_URL.

    Thanks for your answers, so far I have done a manual restoration as you suggest.
    Having made such a profound change in the plugin, it is normal to have a bug.
    We will wait for future updates.

    Hi Liuta,

    Impossible to restore

    Sorry to say but I also am having this problem with current Version (including 4.0.2) :

    “Could not run restore script, AUTH_KEY missing or invalid!”

    And this is not on a localhost it is a new live site.

    No plugin installed, just xCloner and when I erase and reinstall WordPress I get : “Could not run restore script, AUTH_KEY missing or invalid!”

    Very frustrating and, presently, no good to me since a Backup system that cannot restore is not very useful.

    Please advise if a patch for this problem become available and I will try-out xCloner again.



    XCloner restore script is unique to each install, so if you have installed/reinstalled XCloner, you need to re-download the restore script and upload it to the restore location. The restore script contains a unique hash that is generated when the restore script is downloaded and it can only be used from the site where you attempt to make a restore.

    From the message you get there, you are using the previous version xcloner_restore.php file and not the one from 4.0.2 and it seems the sent hash does not match the restore script hash , so you might want to recheck that.

    Hi Liuta,

    The update to 4.0.2 was done either last night or this morning (EST) and my testing was ongoing since yesterday.

    Where does one find this Unique Script so that I may copy it and update it when reinstalling.



    Simply download again the restore script from the provided link inside your Restore Backup control panel, and either update the xcloner_restore.php file or just open it and check line 3

    define(‘AUTH_KEY’, ”);

    you will find there the unique code for copy/pasting

    I am more than happy to help if you still don’t manage it get it working, maybe it’s a bug i am missing, so feel free to contact me here

    Hi Liuta,

    Will try again and I will post result when done.



    Hi Liuta,

    Procedure used :

    Live with valid HTTP address

    New wordpress installation via cPanel

    xCloner installation

    xCloner DropBox setting

    Pages creation

    xCloner full backup

    xcloner_restore.php download and copy

    cPanel full erase of site (for different reasons out of our control, the site can be destroyed – this has happen to me in the past)

    New wordpress installation via cPanel

    xCloner installation

    FTP upload of xcloner_restore.php (the one downloded after the backup)

    Problem : Could not run restore script, AUTH_KEY doesn’t match the sent HASH!

    The restoration and restoration procedure is the issue here and, honestly at this stage, I would not trust this plugin with saving hours of hard work.

    Sorry to be so direct but the restoration section must be improved.



    At this step you’ve indicated

    FTP upload of xcloner_restore.php (the one downloded after the backup)

    why do you do that? You don’t need to download the restore script when doing the backup, it’s not depend on it.

    When doing another restore, you need to download the updated restore script from the area where you attempt the restore because the wordpress AUTH_KEY changes when installing a new site, this is a setting in the wp-config.php file

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