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  • tillamanq


    I’ve had the same issue with widgets in the right sidebar are not using the given space fully,…
    what to do: move the widget(s) up in the sidebar top and keep the right sidebar empty…

    it was mentioned here: Pinboard theme right sidebar issue




    It works perfectly for the blog template but the content/sidebar’s widget still got pushed to the bottom.
    I visited the thread link that you gave me and it seems that I need to enter custom CSS to make it work (take full width) but I don’t know much about css and html.
    In that thread, they say you need to put code like this:
    #sidebar-top.widget-area .easy-ads-widget [style] {width: 100% !important;}
    Could you help me to verify what is the code for my widget or maybe you could teach me how to identify them instead?
    Anyway, I really appreciate your help.



    I experience the same if using the content/sidebar template. What if you use the “standardtemplate” instead, such as I do. I’m not absolutely sure about, but it seems that there is not a big difference regarding the appearance, look at my site at this page which structure is not far from the page you posted the link – in regards of page structure….



    Sweet! This is exactly how I want it to be.
    Never knew that sidebar top will appear in the “default template”
    (I test sidebar right on the default template before and it did not work so the thought of using default template totally did not cross my mind!!)
    Anyway, as a summary for those who had the problem with right sidebar.
    Just use sidebar top for the default template or blog template and it will work beautifully
    (I did not test other templates but i only know that sidebar top will get push down in the content/sidebar template)
    Really love this theme and thank you, tillamanq!!
    I am really grateful for your help!!
    Thanks man!

    Hi there, I also experience problems width the sidebar width, well the lack op space. I use several widgets, i placed them all in the top sidebar, all other sidebars are empty as instructed. Still the widgets seems to fit but are shown below the main content:


    If I just use the layout content/sidebar half, all fits well, but is is not what I want, because the sidebar is 50%. I want it at 33%, so I used the 3 column layout and the top sidebar only as instructed. I also tested with the default layout, so without sidebar. No improvement there.

    I am sorry I am unable to provide you any solution as I just do things by trial and error.

    Anyway, this thread has been tagged “resolved”. (people might not come to this thread to help due to the tag)

    So, I think it’s best for you to open a new thread to post your problem while posting links (etc this url) in your thread to say you have tried the solution posted here.

    I hope this can somewhat help you~~

    ok hamz txs for the hint 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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