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  • Could somebody give me some advice on my Front page please.

    I think it’s a code error:

    I am having problem with the front page of my blog and was wondering how to fix it. I bought a copy word press for Dummies – and I must be a big Dummy as I can’t seem to find the page relating to this problem.

    Here it is: If you look at my site then you will hopefully see what I mean. There is a large GAP of white at the top of the page under my banner and I can’t seem to find a solution to fix this – would anybody know where I should look to start to fix this?


    I am in LA and if there were any classes I could attend for Word Press I would love to hear of them too.

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  • The Search and everything in the sidebar below it aren’t clickable.

    Try changing this:
    div#container {
    margin:0 0 0 -200px;

    To this:
    div#container {

    Maybe even a bit less than 600 on the width, to be safe. Floating it right should mean you don’t need a left margin.
    Calling that div “container” is pretty misleading, haha, “container” usually means the div that contains EVERYTHING.

    Save it as is first, so you can go back if you have to.

    Probably a good idea to just go with another theme, IMO, the one you’re using has really sloppy CSS.

    Ah, OK, I found the “contaner” it’s “wrapper” here

    I’d change this:
    div#wrapper {
    margin:0 10px 0 100px;

    To this:
    div#wrapper {
    margin:0 auto;

    Floating the main container box doesn’t do anything.
    I don’t think that will help with your problem, but it will center the site in the browser.

    I just looked at in in Internet Explorer (I use Firefox) it looks good.

    But Firefox is still displaying wrong (well, RIGHT, actually, hahah).

    Sorry sound rather dumb here – what page do I go into to change it? Inside my dashboard – but which section. Much appreciated!

    If I change the theme – would I have to redesign my hole page again? Would I loose the current layout if changed it? Meaning would it change my whole site? I am not that good at this I’m afraid.

    No, changing the theme won’t affect much, just the header, so copy the header picture, and set it as the background of the header in the new theme.

    That “Sandbox” theme (and it’s sub-themes or whatever they’re called) isn’t a good way to start learning WordPress, anyway, it over-complicates the learning process.

    Search the themes in here for a simple 1 sidebar theme. You can just switch back, anyway, it won’t affect anything for any amount of time if you don’t like it.

    Or, hell, make a 2nd “Test Blog” in a sub-folder and play around in that.

    Or you could do it for me… haha

    Yah, sure, I got some time to kill.

    You got Yahoo Messenger or Skype?

    My skype is seanpborg

    Hey there – my Skype is on if you want to contact me – much appreciated btw

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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