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    I am using AO since a week, and I am very satisfied with its performance as it has improved my website speed a lot.

    However while testing the posts in Google page speed tool, I can frequently see the following warning message:
    1) Preload key requests
    Warnings: A preload <link> was found for “; but was not used by the browser. Check that you are using the crossorigin attribute properly.

    So I wanted to know if it’s something serious or can I just ignore the message?

    Thanks very much in Advance.

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    Guess this is not something to worry about, but I assume you’re using a plugin to add your Google Ads, so maybe ask the developer of that plugin (preloading is not in scope of AO)?

    hope this helps,



    Thanks for your guidance! Yes I am using a plugin for showing scripts and Ads, I’ll contact the plugin developer as advised by you!

    Many Thanks

    Plugin Author Optimizing Matters


    you’re welcome swagatam1975, feel free to leave a review of the plugin and support here! 🙂



    …just wanted to add that this message was not appearing before, it started popping up only recently, after installing Autoptomize plugin!

    Anything further to add to this? I have the same warning, I’m not using any plugins to display ads but I DO have Autoptomize enabled.

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    well, the one thing missing here is a URL where I could have a look. without that there’s nothing much I can add to this really 🙂

    Just wanted to update this: the mentioned issue is not due to AO, or any Ad inserter plugin, in my case it was due to the plugin called “social warfare” ….so there may be certain plugins that may trigger this issue, try deactivating each, one by one to check which one is causing the problem…

    For someone who didn`t find a solution yet!
    It`s malware, so you have to clean up your WordPress a bit.
    Find and remove following files:


    Find and remove all occurrences of following files inside

    In posts.php and functions.php you will probably find it at the start of file, so it should be easy.

    After that immediately improve your WordPress security, otherwise you will met all that malware shit again and again.

    I don’t think it’s due to any Malware, the Preload request is actually a good thing, because it tells the browser to preload certain things prior to others resulting in better page speed.

    More details can be found here:



    I have also found that social warfare was causing this issue.

    Hi there,

    I have the same issue with “”.

    Do you know how to minimize this problem?
    Google page speed is telling me that I can save more than 3 sec.

    I am not using this plugin social warfare and reading your previous messages I didn’t catch a solution for this problem.

    Thank you for your help.


    Recently I started seeing this problem cropping up again, despite of the fact that no plugin was causing this issue. Seeing no other option I decided to revert my theme back to my earlier Genesis theme.
    As soon as I did this I found the problem completely vanish.
    In your case if plugins are not the cause, try switching to Genesis theme (Child theme).

    Hope this helps!

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