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    I have my own domain name and I am hosted by HostMonster. In the mean time I built my website, I have parked my domain name on my blog ( WordPress has self-installed with Simple Script through the cpanel.

    Now I want to configure my new website. But when I want to acces the admin of WordPress through Simple Scripts, it brings me to my dashboard, where I have my blog!!

    So, I unlogged, then I made a new registration with no blog.

    I don’t find the dashboard of my new website!
    If I want to add a blog, then it is a blog!

    So, my question is : why is directs me to
    How can I find my website dashboard? Or is it a legend and there is no dashboard?

    Please, reply because I am really stocked here!!

    Thank you very much!

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  • Visit your domain registrar and point your domain name servers to the HostMonster name servers.

    Can I solve my problem even if my registrar is not HostMonster?
    The problem is the registrar is… Automattic!!!

    When I ordred a mapping for my blog, it bought as well a domain name (wich I had already bought the same day with 1&1 but that is another story…)

    I cannot transfer my domain because I apparently have to wait 60 days….
    That is really bad because I wanted to build my website with subdomains and Automattic doesn’t allow it…..

    So, let’s start from the begining : When I go to my cpanel, I select the WordPress application, then I am redirected to Simple Scripts. There is a link to my WordPress “admin”. I click that and then I am asked a login and a password. What do I do?

    Thank you!


    I went to my registrar (Auttomatic) to try to fix myself these instructions (, but I don’t understand exatly what you want me to do…

    Because I want my domain name to be parked on my blog, as it is now, until my website is built, then I will move my domain name to my new website. I want to do that so my audience will have a transition time and also because it increases my Google score (because a new domain name starts from 0).

    If I point my name serves to hostmonster, will my domain name still be parked on my blog?

    How can I login to the WordPress application with a parked domain?

    Here is the url that shows up when I click on the “Admin” link of the WordPress app from Simple Script :
    Wich means : “my blog url“/wp-login.php?action=auth&redirect_to=”my blog url“/wp-admin/

    Thank you!

    PS I Cleaned all the cookies and the cache….

    Wouahhh! It works now!!!!!!!!

    OK, so I went directly to the link where my website is (looks like a IP adress). This url has been given me by the Host Monster support, I don’t know how I could have found this out by myself.

    So on this page I login entering the admin username and the password Simple Script sent me a while ago when I installed the WordPress app.

    It it finally worked!

    So the solution is that I will not login through the admin panel of Simple Script, I will simply go to the url link and then login, that way I am not redirected.

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