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  • I guess it’s time to use another piece of software, because wordpress will not work at all.

    I problems upgrading,, and now, I tried doing a clean install of 1.5.1 into a brand new directory, with a freshly extracted 1.5.1, and I still get a blank screen when I try to run the install.php on the new installation.

    Nothing works. My website is wiped out. Please help.

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  • Let’s ensure that some of the most basic stuff is working on your website. Create a new file called “p.php” and in it, add the following piece of code:

    <?php phpinfo(); ?>

    Save it, upload it to your website and go to it with your browser, you should see some information about what version of PHP you have running as well as some of the setting it’s using.

    If that particular page yields you a blank page, you’ve got issues that your webhost would have to look at before you can get any further.

    Please let us know how this works out and we can take it to the next step. Sometimes baby steps works the best. 🙂


    Thank you cypher, baby steps can be a great thing.

    I ran p.php successfully, I got a page of all of my sites PHP Version 4.3.4 info.

    mgrace74, this may be a long shot. If you have access to the server via cpanel or directly via ssh, have you tried getting a copy of your wordpress database, installing a fresh wordpress 1.5 (NOT 1.5.1) with a brand new database, then porting your old database to the new installation?

    OK..the next step would be to tackle the database. Putting new files in place wouldn’t necessarily have done anything to your old (maybe broken) database.

    As neon suggested, if you have an SSH account (which webhost doesn’s these days? ), then login to your account and try the following:

    <username> is from your wp-config.php file. Use the password from that same file when prompted to below.

    $) mysql -u<username> -p
    $) show databases;
    $) drop database <your-wp-database-name>;
    $) create database <your-wp-database-name>;
    $) quit;

    Now when a fresh copy of all the files, go through the installation steps again and see if you have any better luck.

    Let us know how it goes..


    Before performing the total database drop. Cypher, I wanted mgrace74 to save his/her old database, in case it was still salvageable. By doing a fresh wp 1.5 install and then porting the old database to it, I was hoping that the old blog could be reclaimed and mgrace could then try the upgrade again. If the old blog could be reclaimed with the old database, then that would confirm that the error was in a corrupted file, rather than database. If mgrace has had the blog for a while and has populated with a substantial amount of data, I would still hang on to the old database regardless. In free time and with better help, there probably will be a way to salvage the posts.

    My bad..of course..if you’ve had a blog for a while and want your stuff saved, please be sure to back it up using phpMyAdmin or something..

    Only do what I suggested if you care not what’s in the database or if you’re starting out fresh in the blogging world.


    By “with better help”, I meant “better than -> mine <-” , Cypher. You would do a much better job than I could of giving the actual “play by play” instructions. I’m usually good (in my head at least 😀 ) at just assessing the situation and proposing a solution. 😉

    neon, after doing a fresh install how would I port the old data to it. My database looks good, and the current one has a prefix of wp2_. I also have created tables with a prefix of wp_. What do I put in the wp-config file for the prefix?

    Thanks for all your help so far neon and Cypher.

    mgrace74, what I was trying to say was…
    download your old database to your hard drive, save it. Then, after you have saved it locally, go ahead and delete that database off the server. Create a new database, using the exact same database name, prefixes, username and pass as on your old one. Perform a fresh install of WP. Once you have the new, fresh WP up and running, then upload a copy of the saved old database to the server, in effect overwriting the newly created one. If all your variables remained the same, then it should work. If it works, then the problem was with one of the files during upgrade, not the database. If it does not work, then we know the database is corrupted. Then nothing is lost and you can just delete that database, create a new one again and run the install one more time to get a new WP going.

    As to how to upload the old database, how are you setting up and accessing your database? Via cpanel, or via ssh? If via cpanel, then you can just “restore database” from there. If via ssh, then you’ll need some command lines.

    What I’ve gathered from all the tests I’ve done myself and from what I’ve read here on the boards, a fresh install of 1.5.1 DOES NOT work. You must install 1.5 first, then upgrade to 1.5.1. I’ve done it myself on my own site.

    Where can I find a fresh install of 1.5? I’m looking on the download site and all I find is 1.5.1.

    neon-I can access the database through a server utility called phpMyAdmin 2.2.3 and I think I will need some command lines.

    That is exactly what I had stressed in my first post. Mgrace, I can send you the 1.5 zip (347KB), if you want. Or a link where you can download it. Let me know.

    A link would be sufficient. Can you tell me how to perform a backup of the database using the command line? I really do not want to lose the data. Thanks. <– all past releases are there.

    I’m incorrect. I just did a clean install with 1.5.1 and it worked. Weird. All the previous attempts didn’t work, so I’m stumped.

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